32 Famous Motorcycle Clubs Of California (Including 1% MCs)

California has a rich history when it comes to motorcycle clubs. The state has great weather and scenic destinations! This makes it the home to many different clubs, including infamous ones like the Hells Angels and the Vagos, both being 1% MCs. In this post, I will cover 32 Motorcycling Clubs in California.

1. Azraels MC

Azraels MC
Azraels MC
  • About: It is a DOD (Department of Defense) Contractor, and Active Armed Forces formed and based motorcycle club. The club supports veteran beliefs, the country, and its allies. The club has members and chapters all around the world.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

2. Four Aces Motorcycle Club

Four Aces Motorcycle Club
Four Aces Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1939 in California.
  • About: The Four Aces motorcycle club is a social and racing organization located in Southern California. The club’s main activity is motorcycle desert racing in Southern California.

    They participate in AMA and District 37-sanctioned off-road motorcycling events. They include National Hare & Hound, Hare & Hound, Desert Scrambles, Enduros, European Scrambles, Grand Prix, and motocross. 

    Their events are located in the Mojave desert in areas such as Red Mountain, Spangler Hills, Johnson Valley, and Gorman. They also promote a National Hare & Hound event each year, named the Moose Run.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

3. Dirt Diggers Motorcycle Club

  • Founded: In 1945 in California.
  • About: The DDMC promotes and organizes Desert, Grand Prix, and Motocross events. They are a non-profit organization affiliated with the AMA, D-37, and several desert racing clubs.

    The club has many “firsts” to its name. The first all-girl race, called the Petticoat scrambles, was put on by the Dirt Diggers. They were also the first club to put on night scrambles and the first to have a program for a race. DDMC was also the first club to organize an F.I.M.-sanctioned race in the United States.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

4. Freedom Cruisers Riding Club

Freedom Cruisers NC
Freedom Cruisers Riding Club Patch
  • Founded: In 1999 in California.
  • About: The Freedom Cruisers is a cruising club, as the name implies. It is a family-friendly club. The club represents motorcycle riding, family, motorcycle safety, traveling, fun, and the camaraderie of the members. New members are always welcome.

    The club now has around 81 Chapters throughout the United States.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club

The club has 5 chapters in California.

Chapter 1: South Placer County/ Sacramento, CA 

Thomas Lee Dancer “Lucky”, President 

Contact information:

Chapter 2: Central Valley, CA 

Hans van Loo “Dutchman”, President 

Contact information:

Chapter 3 : Ripon, CA 

Daniel Aguilar “Tattoo Man”, President 

Contact information:

Chapter 4: West Sacramento, CA  

Bruce Rojo “GhostRider”, President 

Contact information:

Chapter 5: Oroville, CA  

Rick Johns “Rick”, President 

Contact information:

5. Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club

Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club
Hilltoppers Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1945, in the City of Long Beach, California.
  • About: The Hilltoppers MotorCycle club has been racing, riding, and having a good time for over 60 years. The club members are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that love to talk about motorcycles. And about events related to the promotion of motorcycles.

    The club has two races a year. The first is a grand Prix on the first weekend of April in 29 Palms, California. The race attracts over 1200 entrants and over 5000 spectators every year. The second is a Desert Race called the “Soggy Dry Lake Desert Scramble.” This race is a two-loop, 80-mile, laugh-a-minute ride through the Johnson Valley OHV, area.

    If you are thinking about racing in District 37 or already do and do not belong to any other club, the Hilltoppers MC might be what you are looking for. 

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

6. Menehunes Motorcycle Club

Menehunes Motorcycle Club
Menehunes Motorcycle Club MC Patch
  • About: Menehunes MC is based on keeping Hawaiian traditions. Although not all members are islanders, the club members value Hawaiian culture and traditions. 

    Its brother clubs are the Men Motorcycle Club and the Sons of Hawaii (SOH) Motorcycle Club.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

7. San Francisco Motorcycle Club (SFMC)

San Francisco Motorcycle Club
San Francisco Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1904 in San Francisco, California.
  • About: SFMC is the second oldest motorcycle club in the United States. It is preceded only by the Yonkers MC of Yonkers, New York, founded in 1903.

    The SFMC has been a member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) since 1924. Members are not limited to riding any type of bike, and members include male and female riders. It was the first motorcycle club to admit women members.

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

8. Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (MC)

Hells Angels MC
Hells Angels MC Patch
  • Founded: In March 1948 in Fontana, San Bernardino, California.
  • About: Hells Angels MC is a worldwide outlaw motorcycle club whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is arguably the most famous outlaw motorcycle gang in the world.

    Hells Angels members number between 3,000 and 3,600 worldwide. They have 467 chapters in 59 countries. This makes the HAMC the largest motorcycle club in the world. Common nicknames for the club are the “H.A.,” “Red & White,” “HAMC,” and “81”.

    Police officers and international intelligence agencies consider the club an organized violent crime syndicate with real outlaws.

    It is a 1 percent Motorcycle Club. Yes, Hells Angels have no comparison.

    The MC has 26 charters in California. They include Sacramento, Berdoo, Frisco, Oakland, Orange County, San Jose, and Bakersfield charters.

Hells Angels Sacramento

Contact information:

Hells Angels Frisco

Contact information:

Hells Angels Oakland

Contact information:

Hells Angels Santa Cruz

Contact information:

Hells Angels Daly City

Contact information:

Hells Angels Sonoma County

Contact information:

Hells Angels San Fernando Valley

Contact information:

Hells Angels Monterey

Contact information:

Hells Angels Ventura

Contact information:

Hells Angels Orange County

Contact information:

Hells Angels Merced County

Contact information:

9. East Bay Rats MC

East bay Rats
East Bay MC patch
  • Founded: In 1994 in Oakland, California.
  • About: East Bay Rats MC is a club for motorcycle enthusiasts and the motorcycle community. The club hosts various events such as fight parties and other refined social events.

    The club has a clubhouse where members can meet up. And where the public can join them for the occasional whiskey wrestling or syrup-chugging contest. It also has a permanent boxing ring.

    It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club.

10. Sisters of Scota Women’s Motorcycle Club

Sisters of Scott MC Patch
Sisters of Scott MC Patch
  • Founded: 1979, by Dayna “Grumbles” Davidson in Sacramento, Ca
  • About: The Sisters of Scota Women’s Motorcycle Club is a close-knit family of bold female bikers united by their reverence for Scota, the ancient Celtic Warrior Goddess.

    It was founded in 1979 as a pioneering women’s MC, and has since spread its wings across California, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho. They are deeply involved in charity work, collaborating with the biker community and raising money to brighten the lives of foster kids.

    If you’re a spirited lady who loves to ride and cares about making a difference, don’t hesitate to join.

    It is not a 1% MC.

11. Devil Dolls MC

Devil Dolls MC Patch
Devil Dolls MC Patch
  • Founded: On February 14, 1999, in San Francisco, California.
  • About: The Devil Dolls MC is an all-female biker sisterhood that promotes and supports women’s empowerment. This organization prides itself on having a very diverse membership. From old-school bikers, rebels, and rockers to community activists, moms, and professionals, they all share a love for riding motorcycles. 

    The club regularly participates in community events and donates to various benefits and fundraisers in the local communities.

    The club started as a “Harley-Davidson motorcycle Only” club. But now, they welcome Triumph, BSA, BMW, Norton, and other USA or European bikes. No mopeds or scooters.

    It is a 3-piece MC and is not a riding or social club. The MC has a nomad charter known as the “Wild West” with members from Washington to Southern California. They also have a sister charter in Sweden.

It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

12. Oakland Motorcycle Club

Oakland Motorcycle Club Logo
Oakland Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1907.
  • About: The Oakland MC offers family-friendly fellowship and good times with a diverse group of fellow riders of all motorcycle makes and models.

    They have club rides all year long. They also sponsor three popular public events each year. They include a competitive enduro, a friendly poker run, and an epic dual-sport adventure. 

    The club holds weekly Wednesday meetings from 8:00 p.m.

    It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

13. Vagos Motorcycle Club

Vagos Motorcycle Club Logo
Vagos Motorcycle Club Patch
  • Founded: In 965 in San Bernardino, California.
  • About: The Vagos Motorcycle Club is also known as the Green Nation. It is one of the most notorious outlaw biker gangs in the US and internationally. The Vagos have approximately 4,000 members among 200 chapters in the US, Mexico, Europe, and more.

    The Vagos have support clubs spread throughout the United States. They include Green Machine MC, Silent Ones MC, Wicked MC, Freebird MC, and others.

    The club’s insignia is Loki, the Norse god of mischief, riding a motorcycle. Members typically wear green.

It is a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. Reportedly involved in criminal activities.

14. Sacred Sons Motorcycle Club

Sacred Sons Motorcycle Club Logo
Sacred Sons Motorcycle Club Patch
  • About: Sacred Sons MC is a law enforcement motorcycle club (LEMC). The members are all active or retired members of law enforcement organizations. 

    The SSMC is different than other LEMCs as they do not look to add membership in large numbers. But rather, they look for quality members who display the traits of a true brother in life and law enforcement.

It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

The club has three chapters in California. They are as follows:

Contra Costa

Contact information:

Inland Empire Chapter

Contact information:

San Diego 1904 Chapter

Contact information:

15. Iron Breed Motorcycle Club

Iron Breed Motorcycle Club Logo
Iron Breed Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In October 2011.
  • About: The Iron Breed Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club believes in the ideals of law enforcement. They are honor, honesty, dedication, loyalty to family, loyalty to their chosen profession, and loyalty to their brothers. The club aims to serve as an example to the community, including the biker community. 

The Iron Breed Motorcycle Club is only open to active or retired law enforcement officers. 

It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

16. Big Bear Trail Riders Motorcycle Club

Big Bear Trail Riders Motorcycle Club
Big Bear Trail Riders Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1993.
  • About: The Big Bear Trail Riders is a dual-sport motorcycle club based near Big Bear Lake, in the heart of Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest.

    The members have been exploring the surrounding areas’ dirt roads and single-track trails since the 1980s.

    Besides having some of the best mountain off-road riding in the region, the area is only a few miles from the Mojave Desert. This also provides fabulous year-round riding opportunities.

    It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

17. Pasadena Motorcycle Club

Pasadena Motorcycle Club
Pasadena Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1907.
  • About: The Pasadena Motorcycle Club is, first and foremost, a club of motorcycle enthusiasts. The continuing mission of the PMC is to foster a passion for motorcycling in all forms, now and in the future. 

    The pride of the PMC is the historically significant Greenhorn (1937-present) ride. This started as a nationally recognized, famously rough, 500+ mile enduro traversing the mountains and deserts of Southern California. 

    Today, the ride is open to the public and takes place each year in late spring or early summer.

    The club is incorporated as a non-profit corporation and is a family club, not an outlaw motorcycle club. The PMC meets every Monday at 8 p.m. to discuss club business.  

    It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

18. Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club

Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club
Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1974 in San Diego, California.
  • About: The Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club is a profit organization comprising law-abiding citizens who love to ride. BSMC was started by African Americans and its membership is primarily African American (90%). 

    So, it is considered to be on the “Black Biker Set” by biker clubs across America. However, it welcomes all bikers irrespective of race, creed, color, or religion. 

    The Black Sabbath San Diego MC clubhouse is the longest-standing clubhouse in San Diego. It has been 40+ Years, and it is still going strong. It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club. 

The club has several chapters in California. They include the San Diego chapter (mother chapter), Inland Empire chapter, Riverside chapter, Los Angeles chapter, and Jurupa Valley chapter.

19. Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club

Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club
Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1967 in East Palo Alto, California
  • About: The Soul Brothers Motorcycle Club was a mixed-race club from the beginning, with a mix of black and white members. Considering that this was the late 1960s, this was unusual for an outlaw motorcycle club.

    Its Mother Chapter has shifted over time from East Palo Alto to Stockton and then Fresno. Today, it has chapters all over the US.  

It is considered a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club and is seen to be involved in criminal activity. However, the club has denied this reputation. 

 20. Hurricane Biker Girls 

  • Founded: In October 2002 in California.
  • About: Hurricane Biker Girls is a club for female motorcycle riders. It is made up of riders that share a common passion for riding motorcycles. The club is a sisterhood and values their bond and love for their bikes.

    The club also has chapters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina.

    It is not a 1 percenter Motorcycle Club.

21. Mongols Motorcycle Club 

Mongols Motorcycle Club Patch
Mongols Motorcycle Club
  • Founded: In 1969 in California. 
  • About: It is sometimes called the Mongols Nation or Mongol Brotherhood. Mongols members have a long history in the illegal drug trade and other crimes. But currently, the club and its attorneys say that it has changed its code of conduct.

    The Mongols’ leading presence lies in Southern California. But they also have chapters nationwide in 14 states and internationally in 11 countries. Today, most members are Hispanic or Native American.

Mongols MC is a “one-percenter” outlaw motorcycle club. It was formed as a Hispanic rival to the infamous Hell Angels Motorcycle Club.

22. Men of Fire Motorcycle Club 

Men of Fire Motorcycle Club
Men of Fire Motorcycle Club
  • About: Men of Fire MC USA is a non-profit motorcycle club comprised entirely of professional firefighters. It is not affiliated with any other clubs. To be considered for membership, you must be a professional firefighter, active or retired.

    The club aims to promote the brotherhood and professionalism of all firefighters, especially those within the biker community. It also aims to help fellow firefighters and other military veterans suffering from PTSD. Over the years, the club has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for firefighters’ widows and orphans. And for firefighter mental health, wellness, and military charities.

    Men of Fire MC is not a one-percenter motorcycle club. 

In California, the MC has the following chapters. They are Chapter 2 So Cal, Chapter 3 Nor Cal, Chapter 5 Laco Los Angeles County, and Chapter 8 Sacramento.  

Chapter 3 Nor Cal

This chapter is based out of Livermore, CA. It has members spread from South San Francisco to Sacramento.

Contact information:

Chapter 5 Laco Los Angeles County

This chapter is based out of Livermore, CA. It has members spread from South San Francisco to Sacramento.

Contact information:

Chapter 8 Sacramento

This chapter is based out of Livermore, CA. It has members spread from South San Francisco to Sacramento.

Contact information:

23. Warrior Brotherhood Motorcycle Club 

Warrior Brotherhood Motorcycle Club Patch
Warrior Brotherhood Motorcycle Club 
  • About: The Warrior Brotherhood Motorcycle Club is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. It is a motorcycle club to promote a strong sense of pride and mutual support among military veterans and civilian brothers. It is their mission to raise awareness of the needs of veterans.

    The MC is open to all active and retired veterans who have served in the military of the United States. It is also open to civilians who want to help veterans.

    It is not a one-percenter motorcycle club. 

24. Bella Gypsies Women’s Motorcycle Club (WMC)

Bella Gypsies Patch
Bella Gypsies Patch
  • Founded: In 2010
  • About: The club’s purpose is to have a club where women can experience and be part of a true sisterhood of motorcycle riders/bikers. It is a family-oriented club that understands the responsibilities of family life while being part of a women’s motorcycle club.

    The club has active members throughout Los Angeles, Tulare, and Ventura Counties.

    It is not a one-percenter motorcycle club. 

25. River City Beemers

River City Beemers MC Patch
River City Beemers MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1982.
  • About: The River City Beemers BMW Motorcycle Club brings together motorcycle riders that are recognized enthusiasts of BMW motorbikes. But any vehicle with two or three wheels and an engine over 90ccs is considered an honorary BMW. 

    It is Northern California’s largest and most active BMW Motorcycle Club.

    It is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. It is also a chartered Chapter (#210) of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA). And chartered Chapter (#104) of the BMW Riders Association (BMW RA). 

    It is not associated with BMW AG or BMW North America.
  • It is not a one-percenter motorcycle club. 

26. East Bay Dragons MC

Easy Bay Dragons MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1959 in Oakland, California.
  • About: The East Bay Dragons MC is an all-black, all-male, all-Harley Davidson riding motorcycle club. It is believed to be the oldest African American motorcycle club.

    It was initially founded as a car club by Tobie Gene Levingston. Later, due to constant harassment from the police, he changed it to a motorcycle club.

    The East Bay Dragons have a record of service to the community and have supported many local charitable organizations. They include riding for breast cancer, AIDS awareness, and violence awareness.

    It is considered a one-percenter motorcycle club with close ties to the Hells Angels.

27. Diablos MC

  • Founded: In 1961 in San Bernardino, California.
  • About: Diablos MC was founded by Jack Baltas. Its members comprise white men and the MC has chapters across the entire United States. But it has a higher density on the east coast. 

    Some refer to the club by the name Los Diablos Motorcycle Club. This is the naming used originally in California.

    There are many other clubs worldwide that also use the name “Diablos Motorcycle Club.” But they are unrelated to this particular club.

    It is a one-percenter motorcycle club.

In California, the MC has chapters in many places, including, Berdoo, Dago, and Oceanside.

28. Hessians MC

  • Founded: On March 7, 1968, in Southern California.
  • About: Hessians MC takes its name from a group of soldiers in history called Hessians. They were mercenary troops (approximately 30,000 in number) hired by the British to help fight during the American Revolution. They were principally drawn from the German state of Hesse-Cassel, although there were soldiers from other German states too.

Hessians MC is believed to have around 100 members today. But at one point during the 1970s, their membership swelled to about 500. 

Apart from California, the MC has chapters in other states, such as Oklahoma and Oregon. 

  • Despite its size, the club has a reputation for violence and crime. It is also widely respected as an established OMG.

In 1994, Thomas F. Maniscalco, the co-founder of the Hessians Motorcycle Club, was sentenced to 46 years to life in prison. He was found guilty of the execution-style murders of two bikers and the daughter of a Los Alamitos police officer in 1980.

However, in February 2023, Maniscalco was released from prison due to a terminal cancer diagnosis. (Source)

It is a one-percenter motorcycle club.

29. Boozefighters MC

Booze Fighters MC California
  • Founded: In 1946 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Summary: The Boozefighters are known as the “Original Wild Ones.” The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC) began as an outlaw motorcycle club after the end of World War Two. It was founded by Willie “Wino” Forkner.

BFMC is most notable for its involvement in the Gypsy Tour of 1947, held in Hollister, CA. This is where the MC earned its “Original Wild Ones” title.

Today, the BFMC has chapters across America and the world. It has chapters in countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Italy, and more.

The headquarters of the motorcycle club is now in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Law enforcement considers it a 1% motorcycle club. But the club has never identified itself as a “one percenter” MC. 

Boozefighters MC chapters in California

Boozefighters MC Chapter 101 –  Los Angeles

Boozefighters Motorcycle Club 153 SoCal Desert

Boozefighters Ch 6 – Grass Valley – CA

30. Nuggets Motorcycle Club

Nuggets MC Logo
  • Founded: In 1962 in California.
  • Summary: The Nuggets Motorcycle Club started from the Nugget Bar in Buena Park, CA. The original patch was a beer-drinking rabbit on a motorcycle. In 1964 the patch was changed to what it is today.

The MC is believed to have a chapter in Iowa as well, but this is not confirmed.

  • It is considered to be a 1% motorcycle club. 

31. Top Hatters MC

Top Hatters MC California
  • Founded: In 1947 in Hollister, California. 
  • Summary: Top Hatters is an iconic MC founded in California. It brings together motorcycle enthusiasts. The MC also organizes events such as poker runs and other events to benefit the local community.    

It has chapters all over California, including Hollister, South Valley, Central Valley, and more. It also has chapters in Nevada.

  • It is not officially classified as a criminal gang, but it is a very traditional MC 

Top Hatters Hollister CA chapter 

Top Hatters South Valley CA chapter

Top Hatters Central Valley CA chapter

Top Hatters San Diego chapter

Top Hatters Sierra Mountains chapter

32. P.O.B.O.B

Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington Logo
  • Founded: In 1945, in the town of Bloomington in California.
  • Summary: The Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington (POBOB) was among the earliest motorcycle and car clubs in California. It was founded by Norman Briggs.

In 1947, POBOB participated in the Hollister riot along with the Boozefighters and the Market Street Commandos. A few years later, in the 1950s, it became a motorcycle club (minus the car club) in the city of Fontana, known as Felony Flats. 

Today, the club still exists and has a large group of members. But they are known as the Pissed Off Bastards of Berdoo. They have members throughout California and Nevada, and Utah.

Pissed off Bastards member Otto Friedli later went on to form the first Hells Angels charter on March 17, 1948.

  • It is considered to be a 1% motorcycle club. 


1% club: The genesis of this phrase dates back to the famous 1947 Hollister riot. Allegedly, the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) had commented that 99% of motorcycle riders were citizens who conformed to the law and that only 1% were outlaws (not to be confused with Outlaws Motorcycle Club).

Many motorcycle clubs that have been associated with organized crime, and have had run-ins with law enforcement agencies use the 1% diamond patch and are commonly referred to as the one percenter motorcycle club (also called an outlaw biker group); More about this here. Some popular 1% clubs are Outlaws MC (a very dominant club), Hells Angels (the main rival group of the outlaws), Pagan Motorcycle Club and Black Pistons MC.

MC (Motorcycle Club): The term Motorcycle Club (MC) does carry a meaning outside and beyond the usual English definition of it. It is a popular term in the Outlaw and 1% motorcycling subculture, where it is often used by motorcycling clubs that have had a history in organized crime. Such clubs (MCs) often denote these by wearing colors — essentially a 3-piece patchwork.

However, not all motorcycling clubs that use the term MC are necessarily an Outlaw motorcycle club or a 1% club. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all dangerous biker gangs are one percenters.

Harleys: It goes without saying that most riders in various clubs swear by their Harley Davidson Motorcycle or a custom chopper. Harley-David Motorcycles enjoy a disproportionately high popularity among MC riders who, in mainstream culture, are known to promote cruiser motorcycles.

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