Uncovering 10 incredible facts about the Mongols MC.

1% Motorcycling culture

Fact 1: Did you know the Mongols MC was founded in 1969 in California, United States?

Fact 2: Despite their outlaw reputation, the Mongols MC bylaws strongly forbid the use of narcotics.

Fact 3: Contrary to popular belief, the Mongols MC is ethnically diverse, welcoming members from various backgrounds.

Fact 4: The Mongols MC has established chapters worldwide, not just within the United States.

Fact 5: The club's emblem, known as 'the Mongol Nation', depicts Genghis Khan riding a motorcycle.

Fact 6: The Mongols MC has been in numerous legal battles over their emblem, leading to controversial rights debates.

Fact 7: Membership requires owning a Harley-Davidson, reflecting their deep love for this iconic motorcycle brand.

Fact 8: Mongols MC members often refer to themselves as '1%ers', denoting their separation from mainstream motorcyclists.

Fact 9: Mongols MC members must swear a lifetime commitment to the club - once a Mongol, always a Mongol.

Fact 10: The Mongols MC has a strict hierarchy, with roles ranging from 'Prospect' to 'Chapter President'.