19 Famous Motorcycle Clubs in Florida

If you’re a fan of motorcycles, then you know that Florida is one of the best states in the country when it comes to riding. The Sunshine State enjoys sunny weather year-round (2400 – 3200 hrs of sunshine per year on average) and has some of the best scenery, including magnificent ocean views. It’s no wonder that Florida has the 2nd highest number of registered motorcycles in the USA and is also home to world famous motorcycling events such as the Daytona Beach Bike week.

With over 570,000 registered motorcycles Florida has a rich motorcycle culture and many motorcycling clubs. In this post we will cover 19 of those with details about each should you wish to join one or just come along for a ride.

1. Buffalo Soldiers MC

Buffalo MC Patch
  • Founded: 1993 Chicago
  • Summary: Membership requires possession of a 750 cc or greater displacement motorcycle from any manufacturer, a valid drivers license, and insurance. Membership includes African-American men and women, mostly active-duty and retired military, law enforcement and professionals.

    Identification as member of a particular race is not a membership requirement. This is not a 1% club and is active in the Central Florida region.
  • Contact information:
    • Address: Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Orlando 4502 Old Winter Garden Rd. Suite C-1, Orlando, Fl 32811.
    • Phone: (740) 675-2762
    • Website: http://www.bsmcorlfl.com/

2. VFW Riders Group District 7

VFW Riders Group District 7
  • Founded: Unknown but the VFW (parent organization) around 1898.
  • Summary: The VFW Riders Group (VFWRG) for Florida District 7 of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW) is a motorcycle group made of VFW, VFW Auxiliary & various support members. The group is pro-military and make it clear that they are not a MC or a 1% club. Distinction of class, nationality, or gender is not recognized nor tolerated by the organization.

    Their members act in good faith with other members and uphold the traditions of the VFW. They self-govern, and follow the basic by-laws of the VFW and support the Armed Forces.
  • Contact information:
    • Address: 10199 North Citrus Springs Boulevard, Citrus Springs, FL 34434-3253

3. Military, Firefighter and Cops Motorcycle Club (MFC MC)

MFC MC Patch
  • Founded: 2012
  • Summary: The motorcycle club was started with the vision of providing an organization that would bring together active and retired first responders, military veterans, and civilian patriots. The motorcycle club has chapters throughout Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Connecticut and is continuing to grow in popularity.

    A key part of the motorcycle club’s mission is to support local charities that help first responders and veterans. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

4. Warlock Motorcycle Club

Warlocks MC patch
  • Founded: 1967, Florida
  • Summary: This is one of many committed one-percenter clubs in the United States.. They have 14 active chapters in Florida alone. The club enjoys an international presence with members in Canada, Germany, and England besides the United States. The club has been investigated several times by law enforcement and especially by ATF.

    Several members have been arrested over the years and some convicted. The founder of the MC, Tom “Grub” Freeland, was dearly loved and held in hight esteem. He died in 2019 but is fondly remembered.
  • Contact information:

5. Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club

Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club Insignia
  • Founded: 1950
  • Summary: The Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club was incorporated as an AMA Road Riding Club in 1950 and is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Florida. The purpose of this club is to promote desirable motorcycle sports and social activities for the recreation of members and invited guests to promote motorcycle safety and to further a positive image of all motorcyclists.

    They welcome riders of all makes to join on their highways and byways rides of the Tampa Bay area, including surrounding counties, all across Florida, into nearby states, and on-occasion cross country. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

6. America Legion Riders Chapter 347

America Legion Riders
  • Founded: Chartered in July 2017
  • Summary: The American Legion is a driving force for the education of the youth in the community. They participate each year with the Department of Florida’s Annual Legacy Ride which supports this great cause and helps provide scholarships to future generations!

    It doesn’t stop there; many members are also proud veterans that work hard every day providing service both state-wide but nationwide as well. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

7. Nam Knights of America, Florida Chapters

Nam Knights of America, Florida Chapters
  • Founded: 1989
  • Summary: The Nam Knights have a number of Florida chapters (15). That is quite a presence that they have in the state.

    The Nam Knights Motorcycle Club is a one-of-a-kind organization that was established to honor American veterans and police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, assist veteran’s families with financial needs during difficult times as well support law enforcement personnel on both sides by promoting understanding among communities. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:
    • Address: Palm Beach County Chapter
Main Contact: President, Dennis “D” Virostko
Email: lilbudy67@aol.com
Location: Palm Beach County
URL: https://www.namknights.com

8. Daytona BMW Motorcycle Riders Club

Daytona BMW Motorcycle Riders Club
  • Founded: Unclear
  • Summary: The club is open to riders of all ages, race and backgrounds. The Club motto is a small and friendly Club. They have an amazing community that resides all over the greater Daytona area, but also has many snowbirds who join them from other states. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:
    • Meeting spot: Louie’s Pizza House at 1347 Beville Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32119. 
    • FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261020661106837
    • Website: https://daytonabmwriders.com

9. King David Bikers of South Florida

King David Bikers of South Florida
  • Founded: 2004
  • Summary: This a riding group comprised mostly of Jewish riders. Their mandate is to serve the Jewish community of riders. KDBSF welcomes riders with all sorts of bikes and riders who may be single, married, male, or female. They have a huge focus on safety and have laid this out pretty well on their website. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

10. Sandollar M C

Sandollar MC Patch
  • Founded: 1980
  • Summary: They are a premier AMA chartered street riding club. They are typically out riding on every Sunday and have a regularly maintained calendar showing all rides. They welcome riders of all experiences and styles.

    This club is known for its welcoming and friendly outlook and it generosity to the community. Over the years they have served Meals on Wheels for the elderly in the community. Their club rule is “be safe and have fun while doing it.” This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

11. Patriot Riders of America

Patch of the Patriot Riders of America
  • Founded: Chartered April 20, 2010
  • Summary: The Patriot riders exist to bring the focus back on America Veterans. Their calling is to act as temporary support for the thousands of veterans returning from various war zones abroad and finding themselves in a hard situation financially.

    South west Florida which has been hit hard is their area of focus where reportedly there are hundreds if destitute veterans.
    This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

12. Southern Sons MC

Southern Sons MC Patch
  • Founded: 1999, Florida
  • Summary: Brotherhood and loyalty is of great importance to the Southern Sons MC. They constantly promote the biker life style through education on everything that’s related to motorcycling.
    Their gatherings and rides are very family, friendly and brotherhood oriented. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

13. Enforcers MC (Mother Chapter, Palm Beach, FL)

Enforcers MC
  • Founded: 2000
  • Summary: They are a brotherhood of good men, from many walks of life. They are one of the many law enforcement motorcycle clubs.

    They include active and retired law enforcement officers, military personnel who have served their countries abroad or at home; firefighters who risk their lives daily to protect others – we also proudly represent public service workers like teachers and office employees that play important roles in society every day!

    They are known to support and participate in local events.
    They have over 15 chapters in Florida and are not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

14. Red Knights International Motorcycle Club (Florida Chapters)

Red Knights MC patch
  • Founded: 1982
  • Summary: They have a phenomenal presence in the entire United States and also worldwide and are regarded with great respect. The Red Knights have 5 chapters in Florida itself. For a complete list of chapters in Florida, nationally, and internationally please see this list.

    This is by and for Firefighters who are currently active or retired. The club does extend Social Membership to those related to past or present firefighters as well. Such as their spouses, siblings, girlfriends/boyfriends. They have the most comprehensive website of all clubs that we have covered so far. I would highly encourage you to check that out. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

15. Shadow Warriors MC

Shadow Warriors MC Patch / colours
  • Founded: 1990s (not confirmed)
  • Summary: The mission statement for this motorcycle club is “to enhance the community that it resides in.” The members of the club ride for good causes and participate in charity events and create opportunities to assist, aid, or otherwise involve themselves with local service activities while promoting positive images of bikers throughout their outreach efforts.

    This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

16. Hired Guns MC (Florida chapter)

Hired Guns MC Patch
  • Founded: 2002
  • Summary: Hired Guns Motorcycle Club is an exclusive group for sworn law enforcement officers. This MC has chapters all across the United States. They are know for their love of riding motorcycles and their respect for motorcycles.

    They host events like fundraisers, benefit runs, M-C parties & more in their clubhouse that’s also home to charity functions such as meetups or club rides! If you ever wanted to feel safe in a group then this has to be it. This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

17. Blue Knights® International (Florida Chapter)

Blue Knights Logo
  • Founded: 1974
  • Summary: This club is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC). It is a non-profit organization of active and retired law enforcement officers brought together by their shared love of motorcycles.

    Including the Florida chapter the Blue Knights boast of some 650 chapters internationally. Blue Knights are know for their strong focus on charity and raising money for various causes but especially those related to children. This club is obviously is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

18. The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood

The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood Logo
  • Founded: 2001
  • Summary: The Italian Angels Motorcycle Brotherhood is a unique organization that has members from all over the United States. These bikers have come together to preserve their Italian heritage and traditions while also giving back in gratitude for what America offers them as well! This is not a 1% club.
  • Contact information:

19. Outlaws MC (Several Florida Chapters)

Outlaws MC, Florida Patch
  • Founded: 1935 Chicago
  • Summary: The Outlaws MC perhaps needs no introduction. One quick google search and you know that is the most infamous MC, one-percenter, outlaw motorcycle club ever. They are the quintessential alpha club of all MCs.

    Their chapters in Florida include the following places Charlotte County, Cross Bayou, Daytona, Jacksonville, The Florida Keys, Ocala Orlando, Osceola, Panama City, Pensacola, South Florida, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Treasure Coast, West Coast and West Palm Beach.

    Their run-ins with the U.S. department of justice and law enforcement agencies, in general, are numerous and have been covered widely in the news and media. They are part of the big four MCs – Hells Angels, Pagans, and Bandidos. They do not forget and they never forgive and are known for GFOD — meaning, God Forgives Outlaws Don’t. Joining most MCs has a direct and significant impact on one’s life. In the case of Outlaws MC (A.O.A – American Outlaws Association) even more so!
    This is perhaps the most famous 1% club.
  • Contact information:
The Outlaws and some other 1 percenter clubs exists in many states of the U.S. Read about the Outlaws and many other active motorcycle clubs in Indiana overe here →. 


1% club: The genesis of this phrase dates back to the famous 1947 Hollister riot. Allegedly, the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) had commented that 99% of motorcycle riders were citizens who conformed to the law and that only 1% were outlaws (not to be confused with Outlaws Motorcycle Club).

Many motorcycle clubs who have been associated with organized crime, and have had run-ins with law enforcement agencies use the 1% diamond patch and are commonly referred to as the one percenter motorcycle club (also called an outlaw biker group); More about this here. Some popular 1% clubs are Outlaws MC (a very dominant club), Hells Angels (the main rival group of the outlaws), Pagan Motorcycle Club and Black Pistons MC. The motorcycle subculture in Florida has seen various gangs over the years

MC (Motorcycle Club): The term Motorcycle Club (MC) does carry a meaning outside and beyond the usual English definition of it. It is a popular term in the Outlaw and 1% motorcycling subculture where it is often used by motorcycling clubs which have had a history in organized crime. Such clubs (MCs) often denote these by wearing what are called colors — essentially a 3-piece patchwork.

However, not all motorcycling clubs who use the term MC are necessarily an Outlaw motorcycle club or a 1% club. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that all dangerous biker gangs are one percenters.

Harleys: It goes with saying that most riders in various clubs swear by their Harley Davidson Motorcycle or a custom chopper. Harley David Motorcycles enjoy a disproportionately high popularity among MC riders who in mainstream culture are known to promote the use of cruiser motorcycles.

Here's more on the 1% MC culture. What does the 13 number patch means in the MC world? Read here.
Find out about famous motorcycle clubs in Virginia here. 

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