15 Best Motorcycle Roads In West Virginia (Take Me Home Country Roads?)

Who hasn’t heard of John Denver’s iconic song Take Me Home, Country Roads? This nostalgic song was inspired by the experience of driving through West Virginia. And today, it is the fourth official song of the state.  

As a biker, it’s always a delight to be able to ride on the best motorcycle roads. And West Virginia, known for its beautiful mountains and hills, offers some of the best motorcycle rides in the country. Here are the 15 best motorcycle roads in the gorgeous Mountain State — West Virginia

1. George Washington Highway in West Virginia

  • Highway no: US-50
  • Distance: ~36 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 1 hour

This motorcycle road is located in the eastern part of the state. It has plenty of twists and switchbacks. Go east of Cheat River, and ride up an exciting 1200 feet in 3 miles on the Big Hill. 

You can start this route in Grafton and head east for several highly technical sections, a scenic route, and generally light traffic. This route is also close to another couple of great mountain runs in the area – Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway.

2. Route 250 in West Virginia

  • Highway no: US-250
  • Distance: ~31 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 45 mins

Pick up this route in Huttonsville and enjoy the road through the Monongahela National Forest. You will ride through beautiful farmland, thick forest, and nearby trickling streams. 

This road takes you over two large mountains with panoramic views of valleys and through historic small towns. Many consider it to be one of the best West Virginia motorcycle roads.

3. Seneca Trail Motorcycle Ride in West Virginia

  • Highway no: US-219
  • Distance: 197 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 4.5 hours

The Seneca Trail covers much of the state, taking you past some of its wildest and most scenic parts. It runs through the Allegheny Mountains range and also the Monongahela National Forest. 

The road is smooth but also has plenty of twisties, with many state parks on the route. You can also branch off to many other fantastic roads from here, including Route 61 in Virginia. 

4. Route 33 (Shenandoah Valley) for Motorcycling in West Virginia

  • Highway no: US-33
  • Distance: 78 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 2/2.5 hours

This route offers a thrilling ride on the west side of the Appalachian mountains. To get to this ride, you will head to Harrisonburg, VA, and get onto U.S. 33. From there, follow the road to Elkins, WV, where this ride ends.

Then you can continue to Seneca Rocks, which offer some of the most stunning rock formations east of the Rockies. It also passes through two national forests – the George Washington and the Monongahela. 

This ride is a good option for riders of any level. There are many exciting spots that give you thrills, but it is not overly dangerous. 

5. Route 14 Route for Motorcycling in West Virginia

  • Highway no: WV 14 
  • Distance: 48 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 1 hour 10 mins

You will find this breathtaking route In the northwestern part of the state. WV 14, with its many curves, connects Parkersburg to Spencer, WV. The open road offers gorgeous scenic valleys and hilltop views. 

6. Head of the Dragon

  • Highway no: Route 161, Route 16, Route 83, Route 80, U.S. 52
  • Distance: 91 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: About 4 hours

This thrilling route is located in the southwest corner of West Virginia. It is in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. So there are endless mountain vistas that riders can enjoy. 

To get to this ride, you start in Elkhorn, WV. From there, you go on Route 161 South through Skygusty, to Horsepen, and then to Bishop. There, get onto Route 16 and go northwest through Cucumber to Yukon. 

At Yukon, get onto Route 83 to Bradshaw. Next, switch to Route 80 and head north to Laeger, where you will get onto U.S. 52. Lastly, you will head east back to Elkhorn, finishing the loop.

The route has many places you can stop at, including restaurants and a World War I memorial. 

7. Historic National Road

  • Highway no: U.S. 40
  • Distance: 16 miles 
  • The time it takes to travel: 30 minutes

Ride on the oldest road in America, the “All-American Road.” In its historic 16 miles, check out sights like the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and Independence Hall. You will also see Centre Market, a Victorian-era mall that dates back to 1853. 

You can also stop at one of the many award-winning restaurants on the way or watch a show at the historic Capitol Theatre.

8. U.S. Route 219

  • Highway no: US 219
  • Distance: 196 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 5/6 hours

This highway is a part of the U.S. Highway System that travels from Rich Creek, Virginia, to West Seneca, New York. In West Virginia, it extends from the Virginia state line near Peterstown to the Maryland state line near Silver Lake.

This road runs through the Allegheny Mountains range and the Monongahela National Forest. It offers views of some of the wildest and most scenic parts of the state.

You can explore Beartown State Park, Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, and Droop Mountain Battlefield along the route. 

9. Coal Heritage Trail

  • Highway no: Route 52, Route 16
  • Distance: 187 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 4.5 hours

The Coal Heritage Trail winds through more than 13 counties of scenic industrial heritage. It is part of the National Coal Heritage Area. It begins on route 52 in Bluefield and travels to Welch and then on route 16 North to Ansted.

As you journey along the trail, you will pass through National Historic Districts. You will be able to see historic coal miners’ homes, company offices, railroad yards, and more. 

10. Seneca Skyway

  • Highway no: U.S. Route 219 and WV Route 92
  • Distance: 300 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 6 hours

West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice inaugurated the route in May this year. Seneca Skyway is part of the West Virginia Mountain Rides program. This program aims to promote the state’s most scenic country roads to drive by car or motorcycle.

For this route, motorcycle riders can start in Lewisburg and go through the Potomac Highlands as far north as Tucker County. Then the route returns to Lewisburg, making for a smooth and easy loop for riders. 

The route is dotted with charming mountain towns like Lewisburg, Thomas, Elkin,s and White Sulphur Springs. Natural wonders like Blackwater Falls State Parks, Seneca Rocks, and Spruce Knob will also be seen. 

11. Capitol Circle

  • Highway no: U.S. 60
  • Distance: 200 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 6 hours

This route is one of the four motorcycle routes of the West Virginia Mountain Rides program. Capitol Circle starts and ends in the capital, Charleston, making a smooth and easy loop for riders along Route 60 East. 

It takes you on a beautiful journey around the bustling Metro Valley in southern West Virginia. Capitol Circle is accessible for both cars and motorcycles.

On this route, you can visit cities such as Charleston, Fayetteville, Beckley, Pineville, and Logan. Travelers will also witness West Virginia’s mountainous terrain and natural beauty in places like Hawks Nest State Park. You will also see iconic landmarks like the New River Gorge Bridge.

12. Cranberry Corridor

  • Highway no: U.S. 60, US 219, Route 150, Route 55, Route 39
  • Distance: 212 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 5 hours

This is also one of the four motorcycle routes of the West Virginia Mountain Rides program. It is a spectacular loop that will take travelers across the central and eastern portions of the state.

Cranberry Corridor starts and ends in Summersville. It takes travelers along a variety of scenic highways. Its good roads are also accessible for both cars and motorcycles.

This route offers beautiful scenery like Summersville Lake, the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, Beartown State Park, and more. Travelers will also witness West Virginia’s famous country roads.  

13. Heaven’s Gate Motorcycle Trail

  • Highway no: Route 52
  • Distance: 164 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 5 hours

This route is a part of the Devil’s Den Motorcycle Route in southern West Virginia. It starts in Bluefield and ends near Huntington, West Virginia. 

This ride leads riders through coal country and several historical West Virginia towns deep in the mountains. The twists and turns and amazing scenery make it the perfect West Virginia road trip.

14. The Talon in West Virginia

  • Highway no: Route 60
  • Distance: 17 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: 35 minutes

For this ride, go on Route 60 from Gauley Bridge, WV, to Hico, WV. What makes this ride wonderful is riding on the edge of the magnificent New River Gorge. 

The ride has beautiful vistas with wonderful curves and even a switchback. You will also see amazing natural wonders as you travel over Gauley Mountain/Hawks Nest. 

15. National River Ride In West Virginia

  • Highway no: Route 210
  • Distance: 123 miles
  • The time it takes to travel: Around 4 hours

This ride begins and ends in Beckley, WV. Travel along the ancient river valleys of the New, Gauley, and Meadow Rivers. Along the way, you can also see the historic Prince Depot and the Glade Creek Grist Mill (Babcock State Park).

Tips to keep in mind while traveling in West Virginia 

  • All riders must have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. Or a Class F motorcycle-only driver’s license.
  • Wearing a helmet

All West Virginia motorcycle riders and passengers must wear a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) certified helmet. So, always have a proper helmet with you.

  • All bikes need mirrors. They should be attached to the handlebars or fairings.
  • Riders and passengers must also wear safety, shatter-resistant eyeglasses, eye goggles, or face shields.
  • Weather

The summers are hot in W.V. but cooler in the mountains. During winter, the mountain ranges get snow and ice. West Virginia is also one of the rainiest states in the nation. So, depending on the weather, make sure to wear proper gear.


Riding a motorcycle in West Virginia is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Its great roads and scenic routes make it a real joy and pleasure. Its popularity as a state for motorcycle rides is growing, and more tourists visit every year.

So, enjoy the best that the state offers and, as always, stay safe.

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