25 Famous Motorcycle Clubs In Texas

From the East Texas pine forests to the Hill Country limestone landscapes, the West Texas desert peaks, the Panhandle plains, and the stunning coastline along the Gulf of Mexico — there is so much that Texas has to offer for motorcycle riders!

In this post, I have put together a list of famous motorcycle clubs in Texas, including famous 1 motorcycle clubs from Texas!

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1. Bandidos Motorcycle Club

Bandidos Patch
Bandidos Patch
  • Founded: In San Leon, Texas, in 1966.
  • About: ​​The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is also known as the Bandido Nation. 36-year-old dockworker Donald Eugene Chambers founded it. He named the club in honor of the Mexican bandits who lived by their own rules,

    The Bandidos Motorcycle Club is the largest 1% club in the Western Hemisphere. Their specialty is drug smuggling across the U.S.-Mexican border, among other criminal activities. 

    The FBI considers BMC one of the Big Four outlaw motorcycle clubs. Its biggest rivals include Hells Angels and Cossacks MC.

    Note: On July 17, 2007, the club was split. Now, the US Bandidos are no longer associated with the Bandidos MC in Europe, Asia, and Australia. But they still share a common name and a similar patch.

    It is a 1% motorcycle club. 
  • Contact information:
    • Website: https://www.bandidosmc.com/

      As the state where it was founded, BMC is estimated to be the largest 1% MC among all other biker gangs in Texas. It has many chapters in the state, including the Houston Chapter (Mother Chapter).

BMC Centro Houston

2. Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Cossacks MC
Cossacks MC
  • Founded: In 1969 in Tyler, Texas.
  • About: ​​The Cossacks Motorcycle Club, or Cossacks MC is one of the largest outlaw biker groups in the state of Texas. In fact, they are said to be the second-largest biker club in the state of Texas after the Bandidos. 

    The club was named after the historical Cossack Horsemen of the Russian Empire. Chapters of the club also exist in Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia.

    The Cossacks are fierce rivals of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. The MC was involved in a violent 2015 Waco shootout with the Bandidos. It left 7 Cossacks dead. 

    It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

3. Mongols Motorcycle Club 

Mongols MC Patch
Mongols MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1969 in Montebello, California. 
  • About: It is sometimes called the Mongols Nation or Mongol Brotherhood. It was formed as a Hispanic rival to the infamous Hell Angels Motorcycle Club. 

Mongols members have a long history in the illegal drug trade and other crimes. Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) have called the Mongols the most violent and dangerous OMG (outlaw motorcycle gang) in the nation.

The Mongols’ main presence lies in Southern California. But they also have chapters nationwide in 14 states, including Texas. They are allies with the Bandidos, the Outlaws, the Sons of Silence, and the Pagans against Hell’s Angels MC.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

4. Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club

Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club Patch
Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club Patch
  • Founded: In Gary, Indiana, in 1966.
  • About: It is also known as Sin City Nation. It is a mixed race one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang. The club is one of the most well-known and oldest black outlaw motorcycle clubs in the United States. It also has many support clubs across the U.S.

    All members of the club must own and ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The MC has chapters in 20 states, including Texas.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

5. Pagan’s MC 

Pagans MC Patch
Pagans MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1957 in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
  • About: Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, or simply the Pagans, was formed by Lou Dobkin. But it didn’t become a criminal organization until John “Satan” Marron took control in the late 60s and 70s. 

    Today, Pagan’s MC is considered to be one of America’s Big Four outlaw motorcycle clubs. It is one of the most violent and secretive MCs. Unlike most other outlaw motorcycle clubs, the Pagans MC explicitly incorporate violence into their culture.

    It is a 1% motorcycle club.

    The MC is believed to have chapters in Texas, but the details are unknown to the public.

6. Boozefighters MC 

Boozefighers MC Patch
Boozefighers MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1946 in California.
  • About: The Boozefighters are known as the “Original Wild Ones.” The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC) began as an outlaw motorcycle club after the end of World War Two. “Outlaw” here means it was not sanctioned nor chartered by the AMA. 

    It has a rich history and is one of the oldest existing MCs in the world. The headquarters of the motorcycle club is now in Fort Worth, Texas.

    The Boozefighters are one of the classic clubs well-known for their involvement in the Hollister Riot in 1947. 

    Local officials and local police consider it a 1% motorcycle club. But the club has never identified itself as a “one percenter” MC. 

Here are some details of its chapters in Texas.

Boozefighters MC – Chapter 39 (Hood County)

This was the first BFMC chapter in Texas.

Boozefighters MC – Chapter 146

Boozefighters MC – Pineywoods (BFMC95)

7. Kinfolk MC 

Kinfolk MC Patch
Kinfolk MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2016 in Texas. 
  • About: Kinfolk MC was founded by several bikers who had left the Bandidos MC due to disapproval of its leadership, calling it a “dictatorship.” The remaining members of the Bandidos did not take kindly to their ex-members’ departure, and this has been the cause of much conflict between both groups.

    The MC has chapters based around Southern USA.

It is a 1% motorcycle club.

8. Desperados MC 

Note: The Desperados are pretty secretive, and I had a hard time digging for information on them!

  • About: It is an old-school traditional motorcycle club. Desperados has chapters all over the country, including Texas. 

Desperados MC is believed to be a support cub of the notorious Bandidos MC.  

It is a 1% motorcycle club.

9. Banshees MC

Banshee MC Patch
Banshee MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1966 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • About: Banshees MC is known to be a rival of Bandidos MC. The two clubs have been involved in violent encounters with each other.

It is believed to be a 1% motorcycle club. But it does not claim to be one.

Banshees MC has two chapters in Texas – In Dallas and Texarkana.

10. Heathens MC

Heathens MC Patch
Heathens MC Patch
  • Founded: Believed to have been founded in 2013.
  • About: It was ​​founded by Dannie Leroy “Sawgrass” Decker, a former member of the Outlaws MC. 

The Heathens use the abbreviation of HFFH, which stands for “Heathens Forever, Forever Heathens.”

It is believed to be a 1% motorcycle club. But it does not claim to be one.

11. Sons of Texas MC

Sons of Texas MC Patch
Sons of Texas MC Patch
  • Founded: In Texas.
  • About: The Sons of Texas is an AMA-affiliated motorcycle club. The MC is about friendship, brotherhood, and loyalty. 

    Their primary mission is to enhance our members’ lives through the sharing of our great Texas Heritage and build lasting and fulfilling relationships with other members.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Sons of Texas MC has ten chapters in Texas. They are in Chambers county, Galveston county, Guadalupe county, Harris county, Gulf Coast, Medina County, Midland, North Houston, Red River, and Tyler. 

Sons of Texas MC – Midland

Sons of Texas MC – Harris County

Sons of Texas MC – Tyler

12. Dirty Bastards MC

Dirty Bastards Patch
Dirty Bastards Patch
  • Founded: In 2007. 
  • About: The Dirty Bastards MC is a traditional, old-school, three-piece patch motorcycle club. It was founded by a group of guys with a passion for riding and all things motorcycles. Their loyalties are to God, Family, Career, and Club.

The MC members are a group of tight-knit guys who ride and share similar beliefs. They participate in charities and events that align with their beliefs.

The club is open only to men.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

13. Devil Dogs MC

Devil Dogs MC Patch
Devil Dogs MC Patch
  • About: It is a Texas-only MC that is family-oriented. Membership is limited to Marines, active duty or not, and FMF Corpsman who have earned the right to wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. The club supports active-duty troops and veterans.

    The MC has three chapters or companies – Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Devil Dogs MC – Alpha Company

The Devildogs Motorcycle Club’s Alpha Company is spread out over most of the DFW area. 

Devil Dogs MC – Bravo Company

The Devildogs Motorcycle Club’s Bravo Company serves the East Texas area with members from Texarkana.

Devil Dogs MC – Charlie Company

The Devildogs Motorcycle Club’s Charlie Company serves the northern Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

14. Blue Knights MC 

Blue Knights MC Patch
Blue Knights MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1974 in Maine.
  • About: The Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization. It consists of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. 

    Today, the Blue Knights LEMC has approximately 650 chapters and 19,500+ members in 11 Conferences within 29 countries.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

  • Contact information:

The Blue Knights LEMC has 50 chapters in Texas. Some of their details are below

Blue Knights Texas I 

Blue Knights Texas IV – San Antonio

Blue Knights Texas V

Blue Knights Texas VI

Blue Knights Texas VII

Blue Knights Texas XII

Blue Knights Texas XIII

Blue Knights Texas XXXI

Blue Knights Texas XXXV

Blue Knights Texas XLII

15. Iron Order Motorcycle Club

Iron MC Patch
Iron MC Patch
  • Founded: In Jeffersonville, Indiana, in July 2004. 
  • About: Iron Order MC is one of the largest and fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the world. They are present in 7 countries with 234 chapters. 

    The club’s members are mostly old-school bikers. The women of the club also have a group called Iron Order Maidens.

    They are technically not a one-percenter motorcycle club. But they embrace the old-school tradition of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMG). 

    IOMC states that they aim to be like the motorcycle clubs of the 1950s and 1960s, who were non-conformists, but not in any way a criminal organization.
  • This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

IOMC has nine chapters in Texas. They are located in Bell, Bexar, Denton, El Paso,

Fort Bend, Harris, Montgomery, Tarrant, and Travis County.

Iron Order MC  Fort Worth, TX Cowtown Hooligans

West Texas Iron, IOMC

1836 Crew Iron Order MC Sugar Land TX Charter

Alamo Crew Charter (ACC) IOMC

16. Buffalo Soldiers MC

Buffalo Soliders MC Patch
Buffalo Soldiers MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1993 in Chicago.
  • About: It is the world’s largest African American motorcycle club. The club is named for the historic African-American United States Army regiments known as Buffalo Soldiers. It is also known as the National Association Of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC).

    It is a community-focused organization and includes African-Americans who are mostly in military service (active duty and retired).

    This is not a 1% club or a support club

Buffalo Soldiers MC chapters in Texas

Buffalo Soldiers MC San Antonio

Buffalo Soldiers MC Killeen

Buffalo Soldiers MC Houston

Buffalo Soldiers MC Dallas

Buffalo Soldiers MC Galveston Bay

17. Fugitives Motorcycle Club

Fugitive MC Patch
Fugitive MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2015 in Texas.
  • About: The Fugitives MC is a non-profit, AMA-chartered motorcycle club. Based in Houston, the motorcycle club’s primary goal is to organize Texas gulf-coast rides for club members.

    And promote good relations between the general public and motorcycle riders through discussion and social events.

    The club is an active member of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents (TX COC&I) and is recognized as a Region 3 Motorcycle Club.

This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

18. Paladins Of Justice LE/M MC 

Paladins of Justic MC Patch
Paladins of Justice MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2019 in Texas.
  • About: Paladins of Justice Law Enforcement & Military Motorcycle Club is a charitable organization. It was founded by “Gunny” and “Dexter”  after “Gunny” had lost another of his Marine Corps brothers to suicide.

    They vowed to help law enforcement, active duty military, veterans, first responders, and their families.

    It is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization. The club is committed to helping veterans, and first responders fight against suicide. The club is also a family that enjoys riding together and taking part in helping those who make unimaginable sacrifices. 

This is not a 1%  MC.

 The MC has chapters in Harris County, Sugar Land, Montgomery County, Houston, and Fort Bend County.

19. Sisters Eternal WMC 

Sisters Eternal MC Patch
Sisters Eternal MC Patch
  • Founded: In Texas.
  • About: Sisters Eternal WMC is a neutrally chartered club with the American Motorcyclist Association. Their mission is to promote a positive image of women on motorcycles.

    Members come from all walks of life and are well-experienced riders. They are active members in the regional Abate and U.S. Defender Programs, as well as motorcycle rights associations.

This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

20. Bikers for Christ (BFC)

Bikers For Christ MC Patch
Bikers For Christ MC Patch
  • Founded: In August 1990 in California.
  • About: Bikers For Christ is a non-denominational, international motorcycle ministry. It was founded by Pastor Fred Zariczny (A.K.A. Pastor Z or Fred Z) in California. Its international headquarters is located in Oceanside, California.

    BFC members come from all walks of life, churches, vocations, callings, and backgrounds. They are passionate about God, family, bikers, and riding their motorcycles.

    The mission of BFC M/M is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to those in the motorcycle world. It has over 2,300 members with chapters in 49 states, including Alaska & Hawaii & 10 countries. It has a very strong presence in Texas.

This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

Bikers for Christ has eleven chapters in Texas. They are in places such as Dallas, Beaumont, Houston, Tyler, and San Antonio. 

21. True Few MC

True Few MC Patch
True Few MC Patch
  • About: True Few MC is a traditional MC based in Texas. It promotes brotherhood, loyalty, and a love for motorcycles. 

    The club is committed to the local motorcycle community and will provide what support and leadership they can.

This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

22. U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club

U.S Veterans MC Patch
U.S Veterans MC Patch
  • Founded: In March 2007.
  • About: The U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club (USVMC) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2008. The USVMC is a Motorcycle Club comprised of veterans from all branches of Service. 

    The MC’s mission is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It also supports veterans and veteran causes.

    USVMC embraces all the rules of a traditional MC and requires a very high level of commitment from members.

This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

USVMC has three chapters in Texas. 

Lonestar chapter

Founded: November 1, 2010

Belton chapter

East Texas chapter

23. Gunfighters Motorcycle Club     

Gun Fighters MC Patch
Gun Fighters MC Patch
  • Founded: On December 10, 2005.
  • About: The Gunfighters MC is an organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement officers who share a passion for riding motorcycles.

    It is a male-only, national, and international law enforcement motorcycle club. The club aims to create a positive image by providing community service.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club.


Founded: February  6, 2021

Contact information:

Fort Worth 

Founded: July 4, 2006

Contact information:


Founded: November 1, 2016

Contact information:

Laredo 76 

Founded: March 30, 2018

Contact information:


Founded: May 3,  2021

Contact information:

24. Mercenaries MC

Mercenaries MC Patch
Mercenaries MC Patch
  • Founded: On April 12, 2008, in San Antonio, Texas.
  • About: Mercenaries Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood guided by five core principles – loyalty, respect, family, brotherhood, and faith in God. The MC embraces its civic duty which is to support various charitable organizations within the community. 
  • This is not a 1%  Motorcycle Club.

25. Wolverines MC

Wolverines MC Patch
Wolverines MC Patch
  • Founded: In October 2000. 
  • About: Wolverines MC is a club of bikers who believe in brotherhood and royalty. They also organize fun events such as Scavenger hunts to bring people and the community together. 

    It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Wolverines MC Rockwall


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