15 Things To Wear On A Motorcycle Date

Going on a date is always something to look forward to. Whether it’s your first date ever, a date with a new person, a date with a loved one, or even a friend. And as far as dates go, a motorcycle date provides a kind of unique thrill. 

As the phrase suggests, a motorcycle date involves going on a motorcycle ride. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly a type of adventure. And what do you do when you are about to go on an adventure? Be prepared!

Dressing for the part is crucial in all social situations and for a motorcycle date, perhaps even more so. So what should one wear on a motorcycle date? A good idea is to wear something that makes you feel attractive of course. But also something comfortable. Some good options include the fan-favorite leather jacket, boots, and gloves.

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So what can you wear on a motorcycle date? Here are 15 items that can make your motorcycle date enjoyable. 

1. Motorcycle helmet

The most important item to wear on a motorcycle is the helmet. Motorcycles have a high rate of accidents, and helmets can save you. Whether you are the one driving or the passenger, a helmet is a non-negotiable part of motorcycle gear. If possible, wear all the proper safety gear.

Full face motorcycle helmets are the is usually the right helmet, but if that’s not possible, then it could be open-face but at least be of DOT standard. Most states require riders to wear DOT-approved helmets.

2. A leather jacket

This is a quintessential piece of clothing that everyone associates with motorcycle riding. And why not? It makes you look great and is also very practical. It keeps the wind and rains out and is durable in all weather conditions. Serious motorcycle riders usually own a leather jacket. 

3. A textile jacket

If you want to avoid using a leather motorcycle jacket for whatever reason, a textile jacket is also a great alternate option. For example, you can choose a corduroy jacket or denim jacket. They can be equally fashionable and will also be suitable for a motorcycle ride.

4. Long pants

Whatever the weather may be like, it is always better to wear a pair of pants while riding on a motorcycle. Serious riders know that protective clothing that covers your body is important while going on a long ride. And long pants are part of that ensemble. 

You can choose to wear leather pants if you like. But if that’s not your style, you can choose something else. A pair of denim jeans is also another popular option. But again, remember to choose pants you can move about freely in. 

5. Motorcycle boots

This is another essential part of a biker’s wardrobe. Motorcycle boots are usually made of good quality animal leather. They are comfortable, and they make you look very rad. For vegans, you can also get boots made of vegan leather. 

6. Sneakers

While not the conventional option, you can also opt for sneakers instead of boots. Sneakers are comfortable, and they add a youthful look to your ensemble. And you don’t have to wear only sporty clothes to go with them. With the right styling and attitude, you can wear sneakers with almost anything.   

7. A long-sleeved shirt

You may want to take off your jacket sometime. So, wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Choose a well-fitted shirt made of natural fibers that allow your skin to breathe. That way, your arms remain protected, but you also don’t feel like you have to wear a jacket all the time.

8. A T-shirt

You can also choose to wear a nice T-shirt that flatters your body and is made of breathable fabric. You can pick one that has a print or design that showcases your personality. Just make sure that the material is not flimsy or easy to tear. 

A moisture-wicking t-shirt is also another great option, especially in warm weather and you are prone to sweating.

9. Gloves

Riding on a motorcycle can get quite cold, even for the passenger. So, gloves are the way to go. Choose a pair that keeps the wind out. They are also good for keeping a strong grip. This is an important part of protective gear while motorcycle riding.

10. A bandana

Keep your hair out of your eyes by wearing a stylish and cool bandana, especially when you have long hair. It can also double as a headband to soak up sweat. This hair accessory has multiple uses and comes in a large variety of designs and colors. So, you are sure to find one that makes your entire ensemble.

11. Sunglasses

You would want to protect your eyes while enjoying riding on the open road. So, don’t forget your favorite pair of sunglasses. They will keep out dust, insects, stray pieces of grass, and waste. You will also be able to see the road and enjoy the scenery much better.

But do stick to the speed limit no matter how much fun you are having. 

12. A bag

How will you keep your personal items, such as your wallet and phone, safe while riding a motorcycle? By keeping them in a bag. Your clothes may not have enough pockets to store your personal things. And they might even fall out on the road! So, carry a bag with you.

Choose a small, lightweight bag where you can keep your stuff safely but will also not be an inconvenience. Depending on your personal style, you can choose a backpack, a side sling, or a waist bag. 

This is up to you, but make sure to choose a bag that can be closed or locked properly. Avoid big bags that are heavy or difficult to handle.

13. A scarf or neck warmer (for cold weather)

If you are heading out for your motorcycle date in cold weather, a scarf to protect your neck is a good idea. This is not essential, but you will feel warmer. Choose a thick scarf that will keep you warm. 

Make sure to wrap it around your neck properly or pin it. Then it will not leave loose ends flying about. This can be hazardous for a motorcycle trip.

14. A cooling vest 

A lot of people sweat profusely, no matter what the weather is like. And this can get extra uncomfortable in hot weather. No one wants to feel like a sweaty mess, especially on a date. So, a cooling vest can come in really handy. You will feel comfortable and not like an overheating oven!

15. A face mask

If you have a full-face helmet, then that’s great, and you can avoid this. But if that is not the case, then take along a face mask. It will protect your open face, and you won’t be eating dust. It also helps keep your skin from drying out.

What not to do

While we are discussing what to wear, here are some things that I wouldn’t recommend. But again, it’s a personal choice. And if you think you can handle it, then don’t let me stop you.

  • Avoid wearing full-face makeup. Strong wind and rain can ruin makeup, and you will have to keep re-doing it. 
  • Don’t wear accessories such as big, dangling earrings. It’s hard to wear them under helmets and can also be painful.
  • Avoid open shoes such as flip flops and also high-heeled shoes. While you may be comfortable wearing them, for safety’s sake, it’s better to avoid them for a motorcycle date.
  • Hairstyle. Whether you have long or short hair, get a hairdo that keeps your hair out of your eyes. And keep in mind that you will be wearing a helmet. So choose wisely.


A motorcycle date can be really adventurous and fun. But what you wear is important, not just for aesthetics. One of the main reasons is that safety and comfort are paramount when it comes to a motorcycle date. 

So, choose a nice jacket and long pants, along with a comfortable pair of closed shoes. You can’t go wrong with this. And before you know it, a second date may be in the works.

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