21 Famous Christian Motorcycle Clubs

Yes, there is such a thing as a Christian Motorcycle Club, and the United States has plenty of them. I know I have written about the popular MC Culture, including the 1 percenters, but here is something different. The MCs promote Jesus as their causes and are founded on Christian values and principles.

1. Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club

Disciple Christian MC Patch
Disciple Christian MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2009.
  • About: Disciple CMC was founded by James Johnson. It is a mix of old-school hardcore MC and Jesus Christ. The club respects the Old School traditions established by the 1% world, but in a way that is centered on Christ and Biblical brotherhood.

    Disciple Christian MC is the world’s largest and fastest-growing Christian Motorcycle Club.

    The club’s mission is to disciple men to have a daily Word & prayer time & support the 1% world in prayer.

Contact information:

2. Christian Motorcyclists Association 

Chrisitian Motorcyclists Association Patch
Chrisitian Motorcyclists Association Patch
  • Founded: In 1975.
  • About: The Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) is an international Christian non-profit organization. Its purpose is evangelizing to the motorcycling community.

    CMA was started by Herb Shreve, an Arkansas pastor who purchased a motorcycle to close the generation gap with his rebellious son. He began evangelizing motorcycle rallies, and in 1975, he resigned from his church to start CMA.

    Today, the organization has over 125,000 members and over 1200 chapters in all 50 states of the U.S. It also has chapters in 31 other countries.

3. Bondslaves MC

Bond Slaves MC Patch
Bond Slaves MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1989 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • About: Bondslaves MC is a Christian motorcycle club in North America. Bondslaves MC is a traditional club and wears a 3-Piece patch. Its members ride North American-made bikes only (i.e., Harley, Indian, and Victory.).

    The club members say they love Jesus, love to ride, and have a big heart for the motorcycle community.

Details of Bondslaves MC chapters in the United States

BondSlaves MC Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Minnesota Bondslaves

Bondslaves MC Terre Haute IN chapter

Bondslaves MC Decatur II chapter

Bondslaves MC Lawrence Ks chapter

4. Bikers for Christ (BFC)

Bikers for Christ MC Patch
Bikers for Christ MC Patch
  • Founded: In August 1990 in California.
  • About: Bikers For Christ is a non-denominational, international motorcycle ministry (M/M). It was founded by Pastor Fred Zariczny (A.K.A. Pastor Z or Fred Z) in California. Its international headquarters is located in Oceanside, California.

    BFC members come from all walks of life, churches, vocations, callings, and backgrounds. They are passionate about God, family, bikers, and riding their motorcycles.

    The mission of BFC M/M is to bring the love of Jesus Christ to those in the motorcycle world. It has over 2,300 members with chapters in 49 states, including Alaska & Hawaii & 10 countries.

    In fact, Paul Crouch Jr. with the Trinity Broadcasting Network has recognized BFC as one of the largest Christian motorcycle ministries in the world.

5. God’s Squad CMC

God's Squad MC patch
God’s Squad MC patch
  • Founded: In 1971 in Sydney, Australia.
  • About: God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club (GSCMC) is a Christian patch club motorcycle club. The club is one of the oldest Christian backpatch clubs in the world.

    The club primarily ministers among outlaw motorcycle clubs and associated groups. The club’s history is documented in its former leader, Rev. John Smith’s autobiography, On The Side Of The Angels.

    As of 2020, GSCMC has chapters in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, and more. It also has one chapter in the U.S. in Michigan.

6. Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries

Tribe of Judah MC Patch
Tribe of Judah MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1984.
  • About: The Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries (ToJMM) is an evangelical Christian outreach aimed at “reaching the outlaw biker world and people in all walks of life.” The ministry was founded by Ben Priest. He is also the senior pastor of River of God Church.

    Members of the Tribe of Judah MM attend motorcycle events and rallies to serve and evangelize to the outlaw motorcycle community. 

    They ride American-made V-twin motorcycles such as Harley-Davidsons. They also wear a 3-piece back-patch similar to those worn by members of traditional outlaw motorcycle clubs.

    There are more than 50 Tribe of Judah MM chapters in 19 US states. ToJMM also has chapters in Europe, Australia, and North America. 

7. Honor Bound Motorcycle Ministry

Honor Bound MC Patch
Honor Bound MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2006.
  • About: Honor Bound Motorcycle Ministry (HBMM) is a church-based motorcycle ministry. HBMM was originally founded by Chaplain Russ and Judy Cockrum. It is now the national motorcycle ministry of the Assemblies of God. And is open to both men and women.

    HBMM requires members to take a course on how to do evangelism. Members must also be drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free before getting the HBMM patch and while keeping the one-piece patch. 

    The local HBMM chapter comes under the authority of the local church leadership, just as any other ministry of that church.

8. Faith Riders Motorcycle Ministry

Faith Riders MC Patch
Faith Riders MC Patch
  • Founded: In February 2002 in Florida.
  • About: Faith Riders Motorcycle Ministry is comprised of motorcycle riders and others passionate about sharing Christ with the World. 

    The ministry currently has over three hundred and fifty churches in 29 different states (and two in Cuba).

Contact information:

9. Soldiers for Jesus MC

Soldiers for Jesus MC patch
Soldiers for Jesus MC patch
  • About: Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club (SFJMC) is an International Motorcycle Club that exists to glorify God by teaching God’s Holy Word and training faithful disciples. And also testifying of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the biker and motorcycle club community.

    Their name, “Soldiers for Jesus” comes from 2 Timothy 2:3 in the Bible, which says, “Endure hardship with us as like a  good soldier of Christ Jesus.”

    SFJMC has chapters across the U.S. and internationally too.

Contact information:

10. Least of Saints MC

Least of Saints MC Patch
Least of Saints MC Patch
  • About: The Least of Saints Motorcycle Club is a Christian-based non-profit organization. They dedicate their time and effort to reach out to the local communities. As a diverse group of brothers equipped with powerful testimonies, their goal is to win souls for the Kingdom. 

    Least of Saints MC has chapters across the U.S. The MC is very prominent in Texas, with eight chapters. It also has chapters in other countries, such as Mexico, Honduras, and New Zealand.

Contact information:

Details of some Least of Saints MC chapters in the United States

Least of Saints MC Austin

Least of Saints MC Houston

Least of Saints MC Southside SA

Least of Saints MC Michigan

Least of Saints MC Dos Rios chapter

11. Prodigals Redeemed MC

Prodigals MC Patch
Prodigals MC Patch
  • Founded: In 2014 in Houston, Texas.
  • About: Prodigals Redeemed MC is a Houston-based Christian motorcycle club. It is a non-denominational motorcycle club. The MC is not opposed to denominations, but it believes that the over-emphasis on doctrinal differences could lead to division. 

    Prodigals Redeemed MC is a member of the Texas Confederation of Clubs – Region 3. And also supporters of US Defenders.

    It is a traditional motorcycle club and is currently accepting new members in Texas. Currently, the MC has three chapters in Texas. They are in Houston (mother chapter), Beaumont, and El Paso.

12. Black Sheep HDFC

Black Sheep MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1999.
  • About: Black Sheep HDFC (Harley-Davidsons for Christ) is a motorcycle ministry of men and women that ride for Jesus. And helping and serving H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) members and chapters across the country.

    The ministry exists “To introduce Jesus Christ to the world of motorcycle riders, for the purpose of making more and better disciples through the ministry of the local church.

    Currently, it has 60 chapters spread across 38 states in the United States, as well as other countries.

13. Sons of God MC

Songs of God MC Patch
Songs of God MC PatchSongs of God MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1981.
  • About: The Sons of God Motorcycle Club Ministry is made up of Christian Bikers who share a vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with other bikers. The primary focus of this ministry is to reach the secular MC “bikers” who have not had the opportunity to have their lives touched by Jesus Christ.

    The members conduct bible studies to teach the word of God to bikers and to provide discipleship to bikers and their families. The MC also has ordained ministers who can perform biker weddings and funerals. They are also available to visit prisons, hospitals, and veteran events.

    The Sons of God MC Ministry has many chapters though out the United States as well as England and Canada. 

14. Christ’s Disciples MC

Christs Disciples MC Patch
Christs Disciples MC Patch
  • Founded: In December 1979; reorganized in 1995.
  • About: It is a motorcycle ministry consisting of Christian men and their spouses from various God-centered evangelical churches. The ministry is home-based in Kelso, Washington.

    Christ’s Disciples Inc has members in various states who are constantly involved in local and national events. They are involved in organizations such as the Motorcycle Rights Foundation, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, and the Confederation of Clubs. 

15. Ascendants MC

Ascendants MC Patch
Ascendants MC Patch
  • About: Ascendants MC is a faith-based motorcycle club based in Arizona.

    The club is Christ-centered and others-focused. The members are passionate about great motorcycles and building community with one another. 

    The club colors are wine which represents the blood of Jesus Christ, and black, which represents the club members and how they have ascended up from the darkness to live in the light of God.

16. Racers Under the Son Motorcycle Club

Racers Under The Sun
Racers Under The Sun MC Patch
  • Founded: In February 1984.
  • About: Founded by Mike Tarter, Racers Under The Son MC (RUTS) is a non-denominational group of Christian off-road enthusiasts.

    It started as a Christian dirt bike club, supporting and participating in AMA District 37 desert racing events.

    The purpose of RUTS is to be an evangelistic outreach to those who need Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The club also strives to bring revival to those who are saved.   

    RUTS MC members ride and camp together 6-8 times per year. The MC has active racers in the club, and they are still affiliated with D37. It has chapters in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

17. Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry

Heaven's Saints MC patch
Heaven’s Saints MC patch
  • About: It was founded by Charles “Barry” Mayson, a former Hell’s Angels MC member. 

    The Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry provides a Christian brotherhood of bikers to fellowship with and minister alongside.

    While the majority of members are bikers, owning a motorcycle is not a requirement to be a part of this ministry.

    Heaven’s Saints members can be found all over the U.S. and in some parts of Canada. Chapters are formed once there are five members in an area. Members of local chapters work together to reach out to others in their community.

    Heaven’s Saints has chapters involved in many areas of ministry, including prison ministry, youth outreach, youth detention centers, homeless shelters, rehabs, etc.

18. Last Disciples Motorcycle Club

Last Disciples Motorcycle Club Patch
  • About: The Last Disciples is a traditional Motorcycle Club. It is a clan of like-minded brothers who love to ride hard and live life like there is no tomorrow!

    The members worship God and ride Harley-Davidson and HD-styled other V-Twin bikes only.

    Last Disciples MC reaches out to bikers, gang members, street people, at-risk youths, and those with any life-controlling addictions. They minister to those the church is afraid of.

    The MC offers a strong ministry of evangelism, discipleship, education, brotherhood, and prayer. They offer help to anyone and everyone who needs it.

    The members do not engage in any criminal or gang-related activity. 

19. Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministry

Road Riders For Jesus Motorcycle Ministry Patch
Road Riders For Jesus Motorcycle Ministry Patch
  • Founded: In August 1999.
  • About: The Road Riders For Jesus is a non-denominational organization that welcomes all motorcyclists as well as non-motorcyclists.

    The members seek to share the Good News of Salvation with others, especially those in the motorcycling world. The ministry’s mission is “Motorcyclists With A Mission.

20. Temple Riders Association

Temple Riders Association Patch
Temple Riders Association Patch
  • Founded: In 1988.
  • About: The Temple Riders is a Mormon motorcycle club. The club comprises Christian motorcyclists who love to ride. The members also get together regularly for social activities, meals, charitable functions, and other fun and wholesome things on at least a monthly basis.

    Many of its members belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But the club welcomes all riders, regardless of personal faith or religious belief.

    All members must refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and profanity.

    There are over 750 members in chapters across 17 states and a few countries. 

21. Riders for Christ CMC 

Riders For Christ MC patch
Riders For Christ MC patch
  • About: The MC aims to promote fellowship with Christian motorcycle enthusiasts.

    It also aims to build bridges to unchurched motorcycle riders and to bring glory to Jesus Christ through various Rides, Cruise-Ins, and other projects in the local community and world.

    All active club members must attend Edinburg Road Chapel Sunday Worship at least two Sundays per month.

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