Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Get A Motorcycle Insurance? (Answered!)

We’re no strangers to the fact that you don’t need a license to buy a motorcycle. But can you get insurance without a motorcycle license or permit?

Yes, you can buy motorcycle insurance without a motorcycle license. However, I still recommend getting a license for better insurance coverage and to ride legally. 

In short, you don’t need a license to get motorcycle insurance, but being a licensed driver or rider helps, as you’ll see later. I’ll cover the details in this article. 

Strap in and learn all about how to get insurance without that M endorsement on your license. 

How To Get a Motorcycle Insurance Policy Without a License

You can get motorcycle insurance even if you don’t have a motorcycle permit. Motorcycle insurance is vital for anyone who owns motorcycles, dirt bikes, sports bikes, and mopeds. 

Getting insurance for your motorcycle is a pretty straightforward process. All you need to do is find an insurance agent who offers auto insurance. To get the best rates on insurance policies, you’ll have to shop around and ask for quotes — just make sure they’re free! 

Once you’ve chosen an insurance agent or provider, you can ask about auto insurance coverage. For the most part, motorcycle insurance is a type of liability insurance that covers you if you get into a motorcycle accident. However, you’ll want additional coverage for other things too. 

Right off the bat, you’ll need collision coverage that pays for property damage and repair costs. If you want, you can ask about optional coverages for situations you may not be aware of. 

In short, getting comprehensive coverage is vital to riding safely and protecting yourself from other motorcycle riders. Once again, you can get insurance even without a motorcycle license!

You might think: “I’ll head to the nearest motorcycle or car insurance company — even without a motorcycle permit!” 

Well, you can do that, but if you’re getting motorcycle insurance as a rider, you’ll want to read the next section. 

The Importance of Your Motorcycle License

The motorcycle endorsement (class M endorsement) is an annotation on regular licenses. When it’s added to your driver’s license, it allows you to operate motorcycles or similar vehicles like dirt bikes on the open road.

A motorcycle license is essential for two reasons. 

First of all, a motorcycle permit gives you leverage to negotiate for lower insurance premiums. This means you won’t have to pay too much every month to receive comprehensive coverage. 

By having a motorcycle permit, insurance companies won’t view you as a risk, even if you’re a new rider. If you want to save money, getting your license before you buy motorcycle insurance may be a good idea. 

Another reason for getting your motorcycle permit is that you need it to operate your motorcycle on public roads. All states require riders to have an M endorsement on their licenses. 

You’ll face penalties and fines if you’re caught riding your motorcycle without a license. You may even get negative attention from other motorcycle riders for “riding dirty.” 

Here’s DanDanTheFireman telling you if you need insurance or not!

Getting an M Endorsement

To get a class M license, you’ll have to take a motorcycle safety course and pass a vision test. The course consists of practical and theoretical components. 

The motorcycle safety class covers state laws (traffic laws) and rider requirements like eye protection. You can also expect discussions on local laws, depending on where you live. 

After completing the basic rider course, you take the knowledge test. After that comes the road test. Pass this with your written test, and you’ll get your class M endorsement or motorcycle permit. 

Underaged riders who pass the test will be eligible for a motorcycle learner’s permit. In most states, the lowest age for a learner’s permit is 15. In some states like Oklahoma, riders as young as 14 years of age can get learner’s motorcycle permits. 

When It’s OK Not To Have a License When Buying Insurance

A handful of situations will excuse you from getting a motorcycle license. Here they are: 

  • You’ve bought a new motorcycle for yourself, but you want to insure it before you get a license. 
  • You’re buying a motorcycle and insurance for someone else. 
  • You’re a motorcycle collector who buys motorcycles without wanting to ride them.
  • You want your motorcycle insured, but you have a suspended license.   

Get Insured and Licensed

Getting motorcycle insurance without a license in the United States is legal. However, please take note that you need it to ride on the open road and pay lower insurance premiums

Of course, you may not need to present a license if you’re not your motorcycle’s primary driver, nor do you need to have a license if you’re buying a motorcycle and insurance for someone else. 

As a rider, it’s a good idea to get insurance and get licensed simultaneously!

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