Honda Grom 2022 & 2023 Top Speed. Does it go fast?

What is the Honda Grom’s top speed?

Honda Grom’s claimed top speed is 59.5 mph, as per Honda. But many riders have reached higher speeds of up to 73 mph or so. 

This video shows a biker doing 73 mph on a Honda Grom. 

Aside from its engine capability, there are other external factors that can affect Honda Grom’s top speed. This includes the weight of the rider and the motorbike, road conditions, riding experience, and weather conditions.

What is the maximum speed of the Honda Grom? 

The maximum speed of the Honda Grom is about 73 mph. It is considered to be a great motorcycle for beginner riders.

Honda Grom 2023

With its compact size, lightweight, and small size 125cc engine, it performs impressive and is easy to maneuver. New riders can learn the ins and outs of riding without having to deal with a much heavier vehicle.

Let’s look at how the different Honda Grom models have fared when it comes to top speeds.

YearOfficial Top Speeds (claimed by Honda)Highest Speculated Top SpeedsHighest Speculated Modded Top Speeds
2022~59.5 mph~73 mph~79 mph
2020~54 mph~62.2 mph~77 mph
2016~56 mph~62 mph~76 mph
2014~55 mph~65 mph~73 mph

As you can see, performance enhancements might help achieve an even higher top speed. But this should not be taken lightly.

Modifying or customizing your motorcycle could cancel the manufacturer’s warranty

Additionally, you need to know what you are doing. Otherwise, it can put the rider and bystanders at great risk. 

Some riders also say that they have been able to reach 75 mph as well with modifications of course. If you think about it, getting up to 70+ mph on a small cc motorcycle with a 125cc engine is quite note-worthy.

What are the factors that can influence a Grom’s top speed?

In addition to its inbuilt capacity, there are some external factors that can influence how fast your Grom can go. What are they?

Honda Grom 2022

Weight of the motorcycle

The weight of a motorcycle can impact how fast it can go. The heavier the vehicle, the harder it will be to reach its top speed because of the greater friction force that needs to be overcome.

So, you can try to make your Grom lighter to help it go faster. 

You can do this by removing unnecessary parts or going for lighter options. For example, lithium-ion batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries.


Where you are riding your motorcycle also affects the top speeds you can reach. It’s harder to maintain top speed and acceleration while riding uphill. And it’s the opposite on the way down.

If the road conditions are not good, it can also be difficult to reach top speed. Reaching highway speeds may not be easy on city streets and rough surfaces. 

Weather Conditions

Strong winds and wind resistance can affect how effectively you can handle your motorcycle. This, in turn, can make it hard to reach high speeds safely. 

Moreover, extreme weather conditions, such as excess heat or cold, can negatively impact the bike engine, affecting the motorcycle’s speed. 

Riding skills and the weight of the rider

Your riding skills can also play a crucial role in reaching top speed on a motorcycle. More experienced riders can gauge their motorbike’s capability better and know when to push on.

They can also maneuver the vehicle better with their nimble handling.

Rider weight can also add to the overall weight of the motorcycle, affecting acceleration. Heavier riders may find it a tad more difficult than lighter riders to reach top speed. But then again, this is not as important as their riding skills.

I know folks with excellent riding skills who can take a KTM RC 390 and lead the 600 cc bikes on a race track.


Many riders like to make performance upgrades to their motorcycles to improve how they function. Even for a Honda Grom, riders can add an aftermarket exhaust system, fuel controller, and air intake system.

This can affect how the Grom works and even the highest speed it can reach. 

But while performance upgrades may work, it’s important to know what you are doing. New riders should consider all safety aspects and also consult an expert before going through with modifications. 

Regular maintenance

It goes without saying that a well-maintained motorcycle performs better than an unmaintained one. So, make sure to keep it well-maintained so that it can keep hitting the top speeds you are looking for.

Honda is known for its reliable motorbikes, and the Grom is no exception. As long as you treat it right, it will be your faithful companion for a long time to come.

Modifications that can help make your Grom go faster

The Grom was designed to be very customizable. You can modify it in many ways to your liking and hence, not many people leave it as is. 

Here are some suggested mods that can help increase your Grom’s top speed.

Changing the sprocket ratio

This can impact both the Grom’s acceleration and top speed. If you add a larger rear sprocket or a smaller front sprocket, it can increase the top speed. But on the flip side, you may find that it affects the bike’s acceleration.

Here’s a video of a guy adjusting the gear ratio:

Upgrading the stock exhaust system

Your motorcycle’s exhaust system plays a big role in its performance. So, consider installing an aftermarket exhaust system. It can increase airflow and reduce overall weight, making your Honda Grom faster.

Installing a Fuel Controller 

Improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your Grom by installing a fuel controller. But do remember this is something that needs a lot of technical expertise. So try to get it done by a professional mechanic.

Here’s a video on that!

Upgrade the suspension system

While the stock suspension is fine, this is an upgrade that is really worth the effort and cost. With it, you can safely push the motorcycle to its speed limits and also get better stability and handling.

Here is a video of a serious upgrade on the suspension of the Honda Grom. This might be from 2018 but you get the point.

Additionally, whatever helps reduce the overall weight of the motorcycle to improve its speed capabilities. 


What is the Honda Grom’s top speed? Official claims say about 59.5 mph for the 2023

 model year Grom. But many riders say they have been able to push it to around 73 mph (for the latest model). 

This mini sportsbike is immensely popular, and with good reason. It’s lightweight, has incredible gas mileage, is very customizable, and is easy to maneuver. With a starting price of $3,599, it’s also not eye wateringly expensive for all the great features it offers. 

If you are considering it, there is no reason why you should not go for it. And then, you can test out its speed limit.
Let us know if you own a Grom–how fast have you been able to go on it?

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