25 Top Motorcycle Clubs In Michigan

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Highwaymen Motorcycle Club

Highwaymen- Motorcycle Club-superbikenewbie.com
  • Founded:  In 1954 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ Highwaymen MC did not start as an outlaw club. In fact, in 1955, it was listed as an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sanctioned club. But its identity changed over the years. 

The club has undergone several large-scale police and FBI investigations, most notably in 1973, 1987, and 2007. In the early 1970s, several members were also convicted of bombings and raids of the homes and the clubhouses of rival MCs.

The Highwaymen are also banned from the Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Clubs. This was created in the 1970s to resolve motorcycle gang turf wars.

Today, the club is the largest in the Detroit area, with over four hundred members. It also has chapters in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee. 

It has many rivals. They include the Outlaws MC, among others.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Avengers Motorcycle Club

Avengers- Motorcycle Club-superbikenewbie.com
Avengers- Motorcycle Club
  • Founded:  In 1967 in Waterford, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ The Avengers Motorcycle Club was founded by Ron “Big Ron” Swalwell. Since its inception, the club has grown to cover 11 states and the country of Malta.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Outlaws MC Logo
Outlaws MC Patch
  • Founded:  In 1935 in McCook, Illinois.
  • About: It is incorporated as the American Outlaws Association or its acronym, AOA. It is a prime example of an outlaw motorcycle club in the world and a violent motorcycle gang. 

The Outlaws rival the Hells Angels. It also manages and maintains several support clubs, including the Black Pistons.

Membership is limited to men who ride Harley-Davidsons or other USA-made cruiser motorcycles with engines of 1000cc or more. Women are not allowed.

If you want to be a member of the Outlaws MC, you have to do it face-to-face and not online.

It is a 1% motorcycle club, becoming one in 1963. This is one of the most famous outlaw motorcycle gangs and has been involved in violent crimes.

In Michigan, Outlaws MC has four chapters. They are located in Bay City, Detroit Eastside, Detroit Westside, and Battle Creek.

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

Hells Angel MC
Hells Angel MC
  • Founded:  In March 1948 in Fontana, San Bernardino, California.
  • About: Hells Angels MC is a worldwide outlaw motorcycle club whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is arguably the most famous of all the outlaw motorcycle gangs in the world.

Hells Angels members number between 3,000 and 3,600 worldwide. They have 467 chapters in 59 countries. This makes the HAMC the largest motorcycle club in the world. Common nicknames for the club are the “HA,” “Red & White,” “HAMC,” and “81”.

Police officers and international intelligence agencies consider the club an organized violent crime syndicate with real outlaws. 

It is a 1% Motorcycle Club. It is the most famous of all outlaw MCs. 

Hells Angels MC has a nomads chapter in Michigan. It was founded in 2020.

Outcast Motorcycle Club

Outcast MC Patch
Outcast MC Patch (Copyrighted and Trademarked by Outcast MC)
  • Founded: In 1969 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Summary: Outcast MC is a black one-percenter motorcycle club. Outcast MC is one of the oldest black outlaw MCs in the US. 

It was founded by Sonny Day, Angel Herb, and other members. During the time it was founded, most MCs did not accept black members. Hence, the name “outcast” MC. The members wear all-black clothing and ride all-black motorcycles.

Today, it has many chapters across 30 states of the United States. The mother chapter is located in Detroit, Michigan.

Note: Outcast MC is different from Outcasts MC, which is not an outlaw mc.

It is a 1% motorcycle club.

Contact information:

Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club

Iron Coffins MC
Iron Coffins MC
  • Founded:  In 1966 in Toledo, Ohio
  • About: ​​ Originally, the Iron Coffins were named “Chosen Few.” But they changed the name later.

Iron Coffins MC has chapters in many states all over the United States, including Alabama, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan. Its main rivals include Avengers MC.

In April 2022, members of Iron Coffins MC featured heavily in the news after they beat up a man at a bar in Carleton, Michigan. The victim said that the incident happened after he bumped into a member of the MC.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

 Here are some details of its chapters in Michigan.

Iron Coffins Detroit

Iron Coffins MC / Northern, MI

Knights of the Road Motorcycle Club

Knights of the Road MC
Knights of the Road MC
  • Founded:  In 1940 in Michigan.
  • About: It is one of Michigan’s oldest and most respected motorcycle clubs. ​​ The MC started as a group of guys riding together. 

It was originally called the Kings of the Road. But members soon renamed themselves the nights because knights saved damsels in distress. The MC became a part of the American Motorcyclists Association in 1945. 

During World War II, members of the club helped patrol the streets to keep order. This is because the Knights had uniforms that were similar to police officers.

Today, the Knights of the Road MC has charter chapters in Maryland and Kentucky too. The members raise money for various charities, including for children with disabilities. They also donate to Toys for Tots.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Knights of the Road MC Detroit

Knights of the Road MC Fowlerville

Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club

Wheels of Soul MC
Wheels of Soul MC Patch
  • Founded:  In 1967 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • About: Wheels of Soul was started by an unidentified man known as “Coffee.” It is a multiracial, one-percenter outlaw motorcycle club. Although they are active nationwide in the United States, they are primarily based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

The MC has chapters in at least 25 states across the US, including Michigan. It says it is the country’s largest mixed-race outlaw motorcycle club. To be a member, you have to be at least 18 years of age and male. And must own a motorcycle with a minimum displacement of 750cc.

The Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club have been deemed a violent gang by federal officials. The club members are believed to have been involved in crimes such as robberies, drug peddling, murder, kidnapping, and extortion. 

Enemies of the Wheels of Soul include the Outcast Motorcycle Club, Sin City Titans, Hells Lovers Motorcycle Club, and the Street Soldiers.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Prejudged Motorcycle Club

Prejudged MC Patch
Prejudged MC Patch
  • Founded:  In 1975.
  • About: ​​ Prejudged MC is a southeastern Michigan motorcycle club. It is a family-orientated motorcycle club.

They say that they are different than most traditional motorcycle clubs. They believe that family and job should always come first. 

Prejudged MC is open to men over 21 who own a 650cc or larger motorcycle. Its clubhouse is located in Roseville, MI, on Gratiot. They are open to the public every Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Phantom Outlaw Motorcycle Club

Phantom Outlaw MC
Phantom Outlaw MC
  • Founded:  In 1969 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • About: ​Phantom Outlaw MC is a black outlaw motorcycle club. While it was founded in Chicago, Illinois, its mother chapter is now based in northwest Detroit. They are also known as just “Phantom MC.”

The club members have strong ties to the Vice Lords street gang. Many Phantom Outlaw MC members are often members of both organizations. 

In March 2015, a federal jury in Detroit convicted six leaders and members of the Phantom Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Their crimes included conspiracy to commit murder and other violent racketeering-related offenses. 

Many of them were also leaders and members of the Vice Lords street gang. One of them was Antonio Johnson, aka “Mister Tony,” “MT,” and “Big Bro,” 40 of Detroit. He was the National President of the Phantoms and the “Three-Star General” over the Vice Lords in Michigan.

Unlike many other outlaw MCs, Phantom MC also accepts members who ride motorcycles of different makes. They include Asian sports bikes.

  • Note: There is also a club named Phantoms MC, which is also a 1 %er club. But they are different from this one.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Phantom Outlaw MC has chapters in many states, including Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio. In Michigan, they have three chapters (Detroit, Inkster, and Pontiac chapters).

Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club

Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club Patch
Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club Patch
  • Founded:  In 1967 in Fontana, California.
  • About: ​​ Devils Diciples MC was founded by twelve ex-military members. 

The club says that the word “disciples” was intentionally misspelled as “diciples” in the club’s name. The reasoning for this is that they didn’t want themselves to be associated with any religious beliefs.

In the United States, the club has chapters in Alabama, Arizona, California, Idaho, Michigan, and more. Its headquarters are in Clinton Charter Township, Michigan.

Members of ​Devil’s Disciples MC have been accused of drug trafficking, murder, and more. In March 2015, six members of the club were found guilty of various federal charges, including racketeering and drug trafficking. They included the club’s national president, Jeff “Fat Dog” Smith. 

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Warthogs Motorcycle Club

Warthogs MC Patch
Warthogs MC Patch
  • Founded: On May 8, 2001, in Detroit, Michigan. 
  • About: ​​ The Warthogs Motorcycle Club was established after the founding members exited the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club. They were active and retired law enforcement officers.

Membership in the Warthogs M/C consists of active and retired police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and court officers. The MC’s primary goals are to develop a bond between public safety officers with similar interests. 

They also assist other public safety officers during their time of need. They also assist the orphans and widows of those who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

In support of American-made motorcycles, the MC requires its members to drive a V-twin motorcycle manufactured by a North American-Owned Company.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club.

Warthogs MC has 24 chapters in MichiganThey include chapters in Detroit, Lansing, and Pontiac. Here are some of their details.  

Warthogs M/C, Traverse City Chapter

Warthogs M/C, Salem Chapter

The Pontiac Warthogs 

Forbidden Wheels Motorcycle Club

Forbidden Wheels MC
Forbidden Wheels MC
  • Founded:  In 1968 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ Forbidden Wheels MC is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in the Vietnam era, around 1968.

The club has had long-running disputes with the Avengers MC. Around 1997/1998, the Avengers MC President Thomas “Big Foot Tommy” Khalil declared war against the Iron Coffins MC and the Forbidden Wheels MC. This led to many clashes.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Forbidden Wheels MC has several chapters in Michigan. They include chapters in Brighton, Detroit, Hell Creek Ranch, Mt Morris, Tipton, and Ypsilanti.

Forbidden Wheels Mid-Michigan

Chosen Few Motorcycle Club

Chosen Few MC
  • Founded:  Around 1959 in Los Angeles, California.
  • About: ​​ The founding members of Chosen Few MC were Lionel, Lil Frank, Roger, Hawk, Slim, Shirly Bates, and Champ. These brothers all rode full-dress Harleys & chopped dressers.

The purpose of the club was to ride and enjoy the new black biker set in Los Angeles & Oakland, California. They had to choose the name of the club between “The Patriots Of Iron & Steel” and “Chosen Few. “ They settled on Chosen Few MC.

The Chosen Few Motorcycle Club is the first mixed-race outlaw motorcycle club. Initially, it had only black members. But their first white member joined in 1960. 

Now, Chosen Few MC is based in the South Central California area with additional chapters nationwide, including Michigan.

Note: The same name is used by dozens of unrelated motorcycle clubs in Iowa, New York, Texas, and other areas.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Iron Order Motorcycle Club

Iron Order MC
  • Founded:  On July 4, 2004, in Jeffersonville, IN. 
  • About: Iron Order MC was founded by 8 men – Bad Dog, Big Rick, Chief, Copper, Doc, Ice, Izod, and Professor. They were seeking a Brotherhood that only a Motorcycle Club can provide. 

The members of the IOMC are individuals from diverse backgrounds, including active and retired military and law enforcement personnel. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing motorcycle clubs in the world. The IOMC has chapters in nearly every US state and 11 countries around the world.

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club’s goal is to be like the motorcycle clubs of the 1950s and 1960s, which were “non-conformists.” The MC is involved with many charities, mostly at the local level within each charter’s region.

IOMC states that it is not a criminal organization, and they do not claim to be 1 %ers. However, the Department of Justice and multiple California state and local law enforcement agencies recognize the IOMC as an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Iron Order MC has three chapters in Michigan. They are in Genesee County, Macomb County, and Oakland County.

Leathernecks Motorcycle Club (LMCI)

Leatherneck MC Patch
Leatherneck MC Patch
  • About: The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club is made up of active duty and honorable discharged Marines and FMF Corpsman. It is a 501c19 Non-Profit entity with no affiliation with the United States Marine Corps or any other club or organization.

Note: It is not associated with another similarly named MC, the Leathernecks Nation MC (LNMC).

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

LMCI has five chapters in Michigan. They are:-

  • Wolverine Chapter – Westland, MI   
  • Teufel Hunden Chapter – Lansing, MI
  • Whiskey-Alpha Chapter – Richmond, MI
  • Horseman Chapter – Washtenaw County
  • Founding Chapter – Clare, MI

Here are some of their details.

Leathernecks MC, Michigan Founding Chapter

Leathernecks MC – Wolverine Chapter

Leathernecks MC, TeufelHunden Chapter, Lansing MI

Leathernecks MC, Whiskey-Alpha Chapter

Scorpions Motorcycle Club

Scorpions MC Patch
Scorpions MC Patch
  • Founded:  In 1965 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ The organization is about family, fun, and free thinking. The members enjoy a love of riding and brotherhood. 

Scorpions MC has many chapters in other states as well, especially in Texas.

It is a 1% motorcycle club. 

Scorpions MC Oakland County

US Military Vets Motorcycle Club

US Military Vets MC
US Military Vets MC
  • Founded: in 1987, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • About: It is a non-profit organization. The club is for qualified military veterans who are motorcycle riders. It offers brotherhood and an opportunity to establish relationships with other military veterans of the United States. 

The USMVMC is an independent, true three-piece patch Motorcycle Club. It can also be considered an outlaw club. By definition, an “outlaw” motorcycle club is a club that is NOT chartered by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). 

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

USMVMC has four chapters in Michigan. They are Great Lakes, Loose Cannon, Degenerates, and Durand.

USMVMC Michigan state

Justice Riders Motorcycle Club

  • Founded:  In 1968 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ Justice Riders MC. It is a 501-c Non-Profit Motorcycle Club. The MC has a long-standing and well-respected MC in Detroit, MI.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Nozzlemen Motorcycle Club

Nozzlemen- Motorcycle Club Patch
Nozzlemen- Motorcycle Club Patch
  • Founded:  In 2012.
  • About: ​​ The Nozzlemen MC is a non-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization that consists of Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics. It was founded by Firefighters who not only had a passion for riding but also had a strong desire to raise money and make a difference.

Members must be male and at least eighteen years of age. A prospective member must currently be a volunteer, paid-on-call, or full-time Firefighter, EMT, or Paramedic. Honorably retired firefighters are also eligible.

In Michigan, the Nozzlemen’s primary fundraiser is the annual “Ride for a Cause.” It also supports the Great Lakes Burn Camp (Michigan).

Nozzlemen chapters are currently spread throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. The mother chapter is located in Michigan.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Nozzlemen MC has seven chapters in Michigan. Here are the details of some of them.

Nozzlemen MC Mother Chapter (Greater Oakland County area)

Nozzlemen MC MI Chapter 2 (​​Greater Howell area)

Nozzlemen MC MI Chapter 3 (​​Greater East Jordan area)

Nozzlemen MC Chapter 4 (Greater Monroe area)

Nozzlemen MC Chapter 5 (Greater Alma area)

Nozzlemen MC Chapter 6 (Greater Adrian area)

Nozzlemen MC Chapter 7 (Greater Rapids area)

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Buffalo Soliders MC Patch
Buffalo Soldiers MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1993 in Chicago.
  • About: It is the world’s largest African American motorcycle club. The club is named for the historic African-American United States Army regiments known as Buffalo Soldiers. It is also known as the National Association Of Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC). 
  • It is a community-focused organization and includes African-Americans who are mostly in military service (active duty and retired).

To join the MC, you must be 21 years of age or older. And be willing to participate in the community and outreach activities in which the MC is involved.

Full-patched members must have a motorcycle endorsement. And must ride a licensed motorcycle that must have a displacement of 750 cc or higher. Associate members do not need to meet the endorsement or motorcycle requirements.

This is not a 1% motorcycle club.

Buffalo Soldiers MC, Michigan State

Buffalo Soldiers MC, Flint, Michigan Chapter

Buffalo Soldiers MC, Grand Rapids, Michigan Chapter

Afro Dogs Motorcycle Club

Afro Dogs MC
  • Founded:  In 1971 in Detroit, Michigan.
  • About: The founders of Afro Dogs MC were a group of men who were dedicated to making a difference in their community. They founded the organization following a difficult time in history, after the civil rights movement. This was when African Americans were making great strides in academia, politics, and business. 

The Afro Dogs seek to promote a positive image of the motorcycle community and influence the youth. Their motto is “One child reached is one less for the streets.”

Afro Dogs MC has chapters in many states other than Michigan. They include Ohio, Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Blue Knights LEMC

Blue Knights MC Patch
  • Founded: In 1974 in Maine.
  • About:    In the Spring of 1974, several law enforcement officers from the Bangor, Maine (USA) area met and formed a small, local motorcycle club. This club became the Blue Knights MC. 

The Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. is a non-profit fraternal organization. It consists of active and retired law enforcement officers who enjoy riding motorcycles. 

Today, the Blue Knights LEMC has approximately 650 chapters and 19,500+ members in 11 Conferences within 29 countries.

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

Blue Knights LEMC has eight chapters in Michigan. 

Blue Knights LEMC MI I

Blue Knights Michigan 2 (Sainaw Bay Area)

Blue Knights XI Port Huron, Michigan

 Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA.)

Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.)- Motorcycle Club-superbikenewbie.com
  • Founded:  In 1995 in Provo, Utah.
  • About: It is a charitable, worldwide motorcycle club. The club’s stated intention is to create a safer environment for abused children. It works in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children.
  • This is not a 1% club but a 501c3 non-profit organization.

BACA has five chapters in Michigan. They are in Chippewa County, Ingham County, Ottawa County, Saginaw County, and Wayne County.

Michigan State

  • Contact information:

Lansing Motorcycle Club

Lansing Motorcycle Club
  • Founded:  In 1920 in Lansing, Michigan.
  • About: ​​ The Lansing Motorcycle Club is the oldest AMA club in Michigan. It is one of the real pioneers in the field of organizing motorcycle riders for the purpose of enjoying to the fullest the great sport of motorcycling. 

It was brought into being in the early spring of 1920 by a small group of hardy cyclists that had been riding together since the close of the First World War. 

Lansing motorcycle club is the home of the world-famous Jack Pine Enduro. 

It is not a 1% motorcycle club. 

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